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Team Gopher
10-29-2004, 09:22 PM
Please review the point leaders and let us know if we have duplicate screen names and company names that need to be combined.

Points awarded each challenge and are totaled at end of year for best overall LCO award.

Remember to win best overall LCO of the year award, you don't have to do one thing great, but do many things good.

<table bgcolor="white"><TR><TD colspan="2">http://www.gophergraphics.com/forum/iB_html/uploads/post-9-48498-header_points.gif</td></TR><TR><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Rank</TD><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Company / Points</TD></TR><TR ><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">1</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Nature Care - 16pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">2</td><TD>Five Star Lawn Care LLC. - 14pts</td></tr><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">3</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Fine Lines Lawn - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Green Quest - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Greenworld-Irrigation - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Groundcover Solutions - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Quality Lawncare & Landscape Management - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Roscioli Landscaping - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Thompson's Landscaping - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Union Turf - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Your Lawn Guy - 10pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">4</td><TD>A Perfect Lawn - 8pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68"></td><TD>Glan - 8pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68"></td><TD>Liberty Lawn & Landscape - 8pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68"></td><TD>Smith's Landscaping - 8pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68"></td><TD>Fescue Farmer - 8pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">5</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">A.M.W. Lawn Care & More - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC" width="68"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Clean Cut - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC" width="68"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Christian Grower - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">M & M Lawn Care - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Fantasy Lawns - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Meier's Landscape Maintenance - 6pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">6</td><TD>Avery Landscaping - 4pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68"></td><TD>Four Corners Lawn & Landscaping - 4pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68"></td><TD>Gall Lawn Service - 4pts</td></TR>
<TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC">7</td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">Expert Lawns - 2pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68" bgcolor="#CCCCCC"></td><TD bgcolor="#CCCCCC">blades - 2pts</td></TR><TR><TD width="68">8</td><TD>aperfectlawn - 1pts</td></TR>
<TR><TD width="68"></td><TD>Chris Wagner - 1pts</td></TR></Table>

Review & Vote for Previous Challenges here (http://www.gophergraphics.com/forum/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST&f=1&t=833).

last updated 10/29/04

Team Gopher
10-30-2004, 06:58 PM
Thanks to Kevin for pointing out

my points for best low dough trailer were combined with five star lawn care llc. My company name is five star lawn maintenance, hence the confusion.

We will have this fixed.

Team Gopher
12-17-2004, 11:02 AM
new point leaders as of 12/16/04

Fine Lines Lawn - 34pts

Thompson's Landscaping 'NCSULandscaper' - 26pts

blades - 22pts
Green Quest - 22pts

Lawngodfather - 20pts

Nature Care - 19pts

Glan - 16pts
Turfdude - 16pts

Five Star Lawn Maintenance 'kppurn' - 10pts
Greenworld-Irrigation - 10pts
Groundcover Solutions - 10pts
Quality Lawncare & Landscape Management - 10pts
Roscioli Landscaping - 10pts
Union Turf - 10pts
Your Lawn Guy - 10pts

A Perfect Lawn - 8pts
Evan528 - 8pts
Fescue Farmer - 8pts
Liberty Lawn & Landscape - 8pts
Smith's Landscaping - 8pts

A.M.W. Lawn Care & More - 6pts
Clean Cut - 6pts
Christian Grower - 6pts
M & M Lawn Care 'Tinman'- 6pts
Fantasy Lawns - 6pts
Meier's Landscape Maintenance - 6pts

1chavez - 4pts
Alan - 4pts
Avery Landscaping - 4pts
Five Star Lawn Care LLC. - 4pts
Four Corners Lawn & Landscaping - 4pts
Johns-Maintenance - 4pts
Gall Lawn Service - 4pts

Expert Lawns - 2pts

1grnlwn - 1pts
Alta Lawn Care - 1pts
aperfectlawn - 1pts
Chris Wagner - 1pts
specialtylc - 1pts