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11-01-2004, 10:15 AM
this thing is great. I used Gator mulching blades and since i don't have an OCDC yet I used duct tape and taped some thick cardboard on the mower end so i could mulch the leaves. That made a big difference compared to side discharging for mulching. I did about three passes each section of leaves and they where crumbs about 2-3cm small. I then removed my cardboard blocker and used the 6.2 on the remains. This thing fill completely but boy I can see why you need a dust blocker..... I was very impressed at how much the 6.2 really holds. I've used it with out mulching the leaves and it fill real quick making it almost more work, but when the leaves are mulch,...... look out! Very happy with my purchase.

12-09-2004, 08:49 PM
Try this out instead of using the card board that you were using. Try letting the catcher fill up completely and then just keep going over the leaves until they are as ground up as you would like. Then take the catcher off empty it and start sucking up all the ground up leaves.
Just my 2 cents but it works great for me.

12-09-2004, 10:07 PM
That sounds like a good idea that is what I used to do with my old ride on, the only thing is you have to unclog the shoot that runs to the bags after you do it, but you wouldn't have to do that with the accelerator.

12-10-2004, 01:41 AM
It works great! I have used for two full seasons now and love the way it packs even if I don't pre-grind the leaves. It was amazing earlier this fall, we used it on a 1.5 acre property that had at least 40 large oaks on it and it was just awesome. I pre ground every thing twice and then started to fill and empty and we (me and my wife) were in and out in 3 hours or less.

12-10-2004, 12:06 PM
I tried it that way but going over the leaves a few times with a full catcher was hard on the turf. Too much weight on one side of the mower. The cardboard was easier. I will probly get a true OCDC but this was just a test and it worked great.

12-10-2004, 07:30 PM
I apologize I should have asked if you were using a walk behind or a Z. I am using a Z so I don't notice the wait nearly as much.

12-17-2004, 08:43 AM
I'm sure most people have figured this out, but....
Using the bagger with the extender, if you encounter turf with a lot of pine straw the opening will clog very quickly. Soon as you see some blowout, stop the mower, remove the catcher and just sit it on its end. A shake or two and all the contents pack to the rear and off you go....

12-17-2004, 09:37 AM
That's funny....I tried the duct tape thing this fall also as a test. I'm sold on getting an ocdc for next year.