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11-03-2004, 11:58 PM
I am looking at a 05 F350 diesel with a manual transmission. Does anyone have any knowledge or opinion on the Super Dutys with manual transmissions? Thanks.

11-04-2004, 12:19 AM
The Power Stroke is awesome. I'm about to get a leftover '04 F-250 PSD with the Torqshift in it. I've driven it for 300 miles over a couple days and it's awesome. Just gotta wait for my gas '95 F-250 to sell before I can get it.

Green Pastures
11-04-2004, 03:07 AM
I've test driven several. Personally I'd rather have an automatic.

Randy Scott
11-04-2004, 10:33 AM
Just curious as to why you are looking at one with a manual trans. Maybe you have specific reasons, but there are a lot more pros to having an auto trans as opposed to a manual.

11-04-2004, 04:20 PM
Just curious as to why you are looking at one with a manual trans. Maybe you have specific reasons, but there are a lot more pros to having an auto trans as opposed to a manual.
What are the pros of an auto? I have both and prefer the manual.... both fords. Just curious. Matt

11-04-2004, 08:58 PM
What are the pros of an auto? I have both and prefer the manual.... both fords. Just curious. Matt

Do you have the Torqshift? If you don't, I can understand why you like the stick. But if you've driven one with the TS--you'll never go back to stick. I used to prefer stick til I drove a TS.

11-04-2004, 09:42 PM
YIKES! i hate manuals in trucks, especially fords, (I am a ford truck guy though :waving: ) the throw on those things is HUGE :dizzy: to much work ill stick with the automatics

11-04-2004, 09:59 PM
Manuals work better in the mountains and on the highways. I still like the automatics for employees because everyone drives a stick different and the money you save from blowing transmissions with automatics you waste replacing clutches, which, are not warranteed. If you can trust your drivers, stick is the way to go, but for overall consistancy, automatic works.

I would strongly advise anyone from jumping on one of the torqueshifts until they get a few years of towing and snow plowing reports back in. They should just put the C-6 back in the trucks and have a manual shift over drive for the higway simply because that tranny is proven. Tel me how great they are after 100,000 miles and 4 wonters of plowing heavy snow, or pulling heavy trailers up and down hilly regions. After a favorable report, I'm all ears.
I would also offer this same advice to anyone buying any brand with a new part as critical as a tranny.

11-04-2004, 11:03 PM
The TS has already been out for close to 3 years. There hasn't been any widespread problems with it yet. The one I'm getting is an '04. I drove it for 300 miles and it is an awesome transmission. It blows away the E40D and 4R100 in all aspects, as well as the 48RE and really puts the Allison-1000 and its solenoid failures to shame.

11-04-2004, 11:13 PM
The auto I have is in a 96 F250.... E4OD. I didn't have any problems with it and has 147,000 miles on it. I hope I didn't jinx it. I tow a 8x18 enclosed with it daily. The manual is in a 89 superduty... 5 speed. The throws are long but for towing , especially hills, you can't beat it. My opinion. I don't plow with either and don't have employees that drive the trucks. It's my wife and I, she uses one truck and I have the other most days. Maybe I'm just being old fashioned but I have this "mindset" that manuals are stronger. Thanks for the replies. Matt

11-04-2004, 11:20 PM
The manuals are rated for less weight and they severely lower your tow capacity--especially in F-150's. Manuals also affect engine life as well. Just think about if one of your employees misses a gear when downshifting--buries the tach--POOF!--there goes the motor.

Aaron Marshall
11-08-2004, 09:29 PM
Jost bought an 04 f350 with the 6.0 and the torque shirt, it pulls like a dream, I too thought I wanted a manual tranny till I drove this thing!

11-11-2004, 06:33 PM
PSD are awsome!!!!! I switched over from chevy and dodges back in '98 when we demo a PSD...I ordered my first F350 PSD Crew Cab dulley in ealry 99 and got it in May. I put it against one of our long haul trucks ('96 Dodge 3500 SLT ext cab dulley with a cummins) and the ford was much better. We use gooseneck trailers to tow our equipement between jobs from Wilmington NC all the way up to Rehoboth Beach DE. Once time as far as Mystic Conn.

Heres the crazy part my 40' tandem dulley gooseneck would carry a New Holland 865Lx with foam fills and counter weights, buckets, forks, auger, plus a John Deere 955 tractor, custom landpride laser drag box and sometimes a roller. NOW THATS A LOAD!!! The PSD would do it no problem and the Dodge had major problems hauling the load. I blew the reverse out of trans of the Dodge and went through many warped front brake hubs/rotors. I put about 80K on the Dodge before getting rid of it. Now the F350 hauled that load many times and other heavy loads and I have 158,000 miles on it. All i have replaces is the brake pads and all 6 tires once and the front left bearing assembly THATS IT. Cant say that for all the Chevy's and Dodges I have had.

The only time the PSD had a hard time was a late night haul from Bethany beach DE to northern VA...Understandable since it was about 23,000 lbs including the trailer. It was a very slow ride home....I will ever do that again...

Of for your Dodge lovers the Dodge 3500 blew the Ford F350 away in a drag race on the beach down on the Outerbanks of NC (corolla light, NC).
Trust me its not smart to put dulleys on the beach especially when you have to refill the air in the tires (1hr + at a gas station).

I am looking to buy a '05 PSD with that awesome new porportioinal trailer brake controller.

11-11-2004, 10:29 PM
Well, I have a 2001 PSD with the 6 speed and I to prefer the manual over the automatic. I know that ford has come a long way with their transmissions, but I still feel more comfortable with a manual, I like to know that I'm in control of whats going on down there. I have had no problems in 52,000 miles. Only problem with these trucks is the hydralic system on the clutch. I know several people that have had to replace master and slave cylinders more than once. Luckily they sell the whole thing as a pre-bled kit and it is relatively inexpensive to replace. Just my .02