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05-23-2000, 06:17 AM
The motor in my truck is getting a bit tired.<br>It's a Cummins V555 8.3 litre v8 @210hp.A<br>4 valve motor. To rebuild would cost around<br>$10k. I was thinking of repowering it with a<br>6V53 Detroit 2 stroke diesel. Anyone used<br>these motors? Are they any good,or should<br>I stick to the old Cummins motor?<p>Karl<br>

05-24-2000, 08:39 AM
The detroit is a strong torquey motor but a little quirky. They are louder than others, maybe wont bother you if you arent in residential areas at odd hours. It WILL run backwards in certain situations making for interesting discoveries. Almost anyone who has been around truck terminals will relay experiences of driverless Brigadiers creeping across the lot. It also has a very short power band so unless you have a 10- or 13- speed it may not be a good choice.<p>They are, however, relatively inexpensive to run and maintain, as compared to the Cummins.<p>Bill

05-24-2000, 09:00 AM
Bill, thanks for the tip. The cummins is <br>already noisy as hell anyway,so that doesn't<br>matter. These old trucks don't have soundproofing.The gearbox is a 10 speed<br>RT610 Fuller Roadranger.Good box.The Cummins <br>is governed at 3300 rpm,but running over<br>2800 is unhealthy,does the GM rev around<br>that range.They sound like they are screaming<br>their heads off.<p>Karl<br>

05-24-2000, 09:10 PM
DDs are usually at home around 1800-2400 rpm depending on how high you have them juiced. If you are running relatively light loads and no hills, with a 10 speed and detuned version expect 20+ mpg.<p>3300 rpm in a cummins? Didnt I see you as an extra in one of those Mad Max movies? :)<p>Bill

John DiMartino
05-24-2000, 09:18 PM
Karl,I would stick with the Cummins for a couple reasons,its already there,so replacing it is easy-converting is not.Also my experience with the detroit diesel 2 strokes has shown me that they are a quirky engine that has a very narrow powerband,mine had a 500 rpm working range,it came on at 1500-governor cuts fuel at 2100.In that range it was strong-but its very peaky.Also,they need to be fast idled all the time-they have no oil pressure at idle-almost zero.They are oil leakers-no good if DOT is crawling around looking to write tickets.I think the Cummins should give better fuel economy too.Id consider a CAT if your going thru the trouble-good luck.<p>----------<br>John D<br>

05-25-2000, 07:52 AM
John,<br> Thanks for the tip.I think I'll stick<br>with the Cummins,sounds a lot safer.<br>Thelawnguy, The Cummins V8 (555 motor) is<br>rated at 3300rpm,but like I said,it's not<br>cunducive to long life if you rev them at<br>rated rpms. 2800 is about realistic max. with<br>unbalanced clutch. The 555 motor was originally designed to run with an Allison<br>auto box. The main reason they rev so hard<br>is they have 4 valves per cylinder.Also makes<br>them very responsive. They also have an <br>awesome exhaust note. Sounds a bit like an<br>E9-440 Mack motor. :)I considered<br>a Cat motor,but I can only fit <br>another V8 due to lack of room.<br>3208 Cat motor (Ford Louisville)<br>sucks. Would not pull a sailor off your sister.Only other Cat motor <br>I like is the 3306.(6cyl)But it <br>won't fit.<p>Karl<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: southside