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11-26-2004, 12:42 PM
Has anyone used this product before?? I'd like to get information on the success of this product as opposed to more conventional methods and if there are any negatives. Thank you.

11-26-2004, 04:07 PM
I may or may not know what product you are asking about can you be more specific?

11-26-2004, 04:20 PM

Its an alternative to seeding/sodding. It's pumped out through a hose. Haven't read up on it much and just wanted to inquire if anyone had used this product yet.

11-26-2004, 05:06 PM
Its not an alternative to seeding/sodding, hydroseeding is an efficient method of delivering seed, fertilizer, and a cellulose mulch to areas requiring seed. Turboturf is a maker of inexpensive hydroseeders. I bought one in 1996 and still use it. There are better units out there, but none more affordable.

Turboturf (http://www.turboturf.com/)

11-26-2004, 05:23 PM
I also own a Turbo Turf unit and have done many jobs with great results.

11-26-2004, 06:01 PM
Those that have them, how big of jobs can you do with the smaller units? Do you do full yards or mainly repairs? I would like to add on a new service and have been looking at hydroseeding ,but first would like to hear some feedback from those that have them.

11-26-2004, 07:31 PM
I dont own a Turboturf or any of his other equipment. I do own a similar jet agitated hydroseeder, as well as a Bowie and Finn mechanical agitated machine. My jet machine paid for the other two. Size of the job depends a lot on the size of the hydroseeder. Depending on mulch rates you should adverage about 1000 sqft for every 100 gal in size of the seeder. I started out with a 500 gal jet machine and was doing mainly whole lawns. I found that 500 gals was a little to small for my taste an moved up to a 1000 gal bowie. That size machine is a little to big for most of my lawns and a little to small for road banks. I have a 600 gal finn that I use now for most lawns and wish it was a little bigger. I plan on building my own 750 gal machine just to do lawns with. When I get it built I will probably sell all three of my other machines and purchase a 3000 gal unit for roadbanks. Out of all my machines I have the least respect for the Finn but I really like the Bowie. That puts my jet machine inbetween. In other words the Finn will be the first machine I sell. The jet machines require less maintenance than the mechanical and they are lighter to hual around. A jet will limit you if you are planning on doing erosion control or if you need real heavy mulch layers. For Northern States and for regular lawn work they are a good first machine. Probably not quite as good in the more southern states. Thats not to say they wont work in the deep south, just that the further south you go usually the heaver mulch rates that are required. For a jet machine that might mean gettin less sqftage per tank. dont let any one tell you that you cant put down heavy mulch layers with a jet machine. You can, its just not as efficient as it would be using a mechanical machine. I prefer my 500gal jet machine over my 600gal Finn because both machines will put down a good 1500lb per acre mulch rate, which is all I need. If I was a little further south I would probably like the Finn better because it will put down a heaver mulch rate per gal of water than the jet machine. For more info on hydroseeding you can go to www.hydroseeding.org and visit the forum there.

11-26-2004, 07:45 PM
We used to spray just cellulose mulch (the lightest mulch, mostly recycled newsprint) with our jet agitated turboturf machine. We would mix 3 bales into 500 gallons of water. This summer we started using the 50%fiber/cellulose mix from LESCO and are getting much better germination rates.

We paid for our machine in about 2 weeks. I would certainly suggest that, if you had the resources, to buy a machine with mechanical aggitation. However, if your financial state prohibits that then choose a jet aggitated machine. Get the largest engine and pump you can afford with a 500gal tank and you can hydroseed anything that comes your way. We have seeded 3 acre lawns with our machine, you just have to reload often.

11-26-2004, 10:21 PM
Thanks for the info. I'm interested in adding this to what I offer now. I'm going to the Ohio turfgrass convention to try to learn more about this. Turboturf is going to be there so I hoping to get some good information from them. Of course a salesman is going to tell you it's the greatest in hopes of making a sale. That is why I love this sight ,there is always someone willing to give advice.
How did you guys get started in hydroseeding and would you recommend it?

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11-26-2004, 11:05 PM

11-26-2004, 11:25 PM
I got involved because I identified the need, there were calls for the service. When I started hydroseeding there were very few others involved. The first year we seeded around 600,000sq ft the second year it was up towards 3 million sq feet. The units have come down so much in price that everyone owns one and I find we seed only the lawns we put in now. It is a superior method of seeding as the results have shown.

Do I advise you to get one? Yes, it would add to the services you can offer thus giving you a more well rounded company.

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