View Full Version : RECALL..STIHL handheld blower shredder

12-16-2004, 11:28 PM
Guys, if you have the handheld Stihl shredder vac/blower check with your dealer. I recieved a recall by mail saying they may fly apart inside. If you did not register yours when you bought it you may not get the recall.


Envy Lawn Service
12-16-2004, 11:36 PM
Ouch! Did your recall letter list an affected serial # series?

I don't have one, but I will be getting one when the Echo dies.

Rest assured though... Stihl is very proactive about rectifying any problems.

12-16-2004, 11:47 PM
If I recall correctly there was a post about this a while back(maybe a year or so) where one of the fellow members had a chunk taken out of his hand. I think he may have included a photo in this post. I think he even showed the piece missing from the shreder.