View Full Version : How to bid a condo NOT ASKING $$$

12-30-2004, 01:23 PM
I have been asked to quote a condo complex. I drove buy before having met with them just so I had a rough idea of the layout.

Approx 385,000 sq.ft. of grass not many big open areas alot of the units (approx 1800) have fenced in tiny back yards.

How do you guys estimate how long it will take for such a job.

I am afraid that if I break it down into too many small sections I will come out too high. Ie 500 small back yards if I estimate 4 min per and it only takes 3, right there i am off by almost 8 man hours per week.

I am used to quoting large wide open commercials, not these patchy jobs.

and before anyone asks, I can get additional equipment as needed.