View Full Version : why no ENGINE mounted blower vacs??

LJ lawn
01-26-2001, 11:15 PM
why do i keep seeing all the mower co's making and wasting their time developing DECK/BELT mounted blowers/vacs for grass collection? The only co. who finally had the sense to wise up and actually make a clutch drive off the engine vac system is snapper.don't they realize that the deck systems are a pain in the rear? with all the money spent in development of these high dollar Z machines they go back to the belt/deck blower configuration.what gives? i want a machine that at the flick of a switch or a turn of a lever i can turn on/off a vac unit.i don't want the hassle of having to manually put on a belt drive setup only for the few lawns i collect.anyone else agree? maybe if enough people got together and wrote their rep or complained loud enough at one of these expos they'd listen.

01-26-2001, 11:48 PM
Takes less than three minutes to attatch utlra vac to my lazer hp. I only use it for heavy leaf removal.
No disrespect, but if you only use it for a few select clients why would you want a vac unit on all the time. Although mine does a great job, I feel it's very bulky and have a hard time fitting in small places. There is no way I would keep it on all the time just for a few clients.
Please don't take this the wrong way ( I see you point ) but I like being able to attatch and remove the unit quickly and the ultra vac is definitlally sp. quick.