View Full Version : Washington-Oregon people...problems right now?

Neal Wolbert
01-09-2005, 03:08 AM
Just checking to see how your turf disease pressure and crane fly larvae populations are right now. The Olympia area was slammed with Fusarium Patch just before this last cold weather. Preventive treatments in October and December really paid off big time, nice and clean now. We've treated a few lawns that have severe crane fly larvae damage in wet areas already. Finding lots of tent caterpillar egg masses on fruit and flowering trees also. How about you? Neal

trying 2b organic
01-09-2005, 05:50 PM
Tent caterpillars were terrible. No sever probs with crane fly for several yrs. Im using nematodes instead of merit for crane fly in lawns. Would love to hear about your opinions of this natural insect control product.

Do you use bt for tent caterpillars?

Cheers from the Pacific/northwest ish Vancouver Island.

Neal Wolbert
01-10-2005, 12:05 AM
No luck with nematodes so far. WSU research didn't have any control in their testing last year and didn't recommend trying it. We spot treat with Onyx where damage can't be tolerated. Is Merit registered for crane fly larvae control in BC? BT on cps works great if you get them early, not so great when they hit the ground. Have you found Azatrol yet? If not, call Wilbur Ellis and get the info. We like it for lots of things, especially fruit tree treatments, and it's OMRI approved (yes!). Are you 100% organic on turf? Neal

trying 2b organic
01-10-2005, 03:53 AM
Azatrol looks -amazing- from the quick google i did. I have to check it out. We have a lot of fruit trees here. It occurs to me one could offer a low impact profitalbe program. like.. dormant oil, sulpher, sulpher, bt bt. thats a 5 spray safe preventative prgm everyone wants.

Anyway, trees are only a personal interest at this point. I do lawns, last yr, was 100 % organic. This yr I have 3 basic prgms im selling, one is IPM. I want access to the whole market. I will still be very well positioned when cosmetic use pesticides are banned. As they have been in Toronto, Vancouver, and any day now, Victoria. (im also staying diversified in commercial grounds maintenance since i still dont have the answer to this question -- what percent of current lawn care customers will choose to pay for lawncare in a post- pesticide era)

When did u see the cranefly damage? Im in hibernation mode trying to pull up crane fly life cycle. I know we hit them in spring and fall. To bad nematodes havnt proven themselves yet. I use them for root weevil in ornamental beds too.

oh and i have to ad, you know how they get the ban. The municipal govt does a poll where they ask " would you like to see restrictions on pesticide usage". lol, well who wouldtn say yes to that, they get 80 % positive. Then the BAN pesticide usage for lawns.

01-10-2005, 11:56 PM
Big time Pythium Blight in mid December. Had temps in the 60's for almost 2 weeks. As for Crane fly larve it is always a problem come february when the temps warm up a little. Everything is so saturated right now most of the larve from Grubs, Cutworms, Turfgrass ataenius, Crickets, and Crane flys have been picked clean by the starlings that are in flocks in the hundreds now. The turf is however tore up from the starlings and Brewers Black Birds picking up insects.

Neal Wolbert
01-11-2005, 02:40 AM
2B, Crane fly damage within the last 3 weeks, probably started showing about Christmas. You should seriously consider making tree and shrub work more of a focus. Not too many bus. will spend the money and take the time to qualify, and I don't just mean licensed. Very lucrative and rewarding for my team. You will need more than bt..bt.. plan because of aphids, scale, mites and other sucking pests. Bt won't touch any of them. Oils in the summer can be tricky and are non-selective as well, not what you want. That's where Azatrol will fit. Plus you have some soft, synthetic miticides to choose from for preventive sprays. Stay smart and loose in your approach to treatment offerings. Pesticide free cities aren't pest free cities. They will accept organics and soft products I'm sure if push comes to shove. Mr. and Mrs. Jones are still going to want smashing landscapes, and they will pay for them to be healthy. You don't really think the publics bench mark for quality will change do you? They will just want you to provide them with high quality care in a different way, albeit more expensive and less effective. We rarely apply pesticides now, concentrating on high quality bio-fertilizer apps. to help plants and lawns thrive. Did you find crane fly on the Merit label? Neal

Neal Wolbert
01-11-2005, 02:46 AM
sildoc, Ditto on the crane fly here, February usually is pretty bad if we have a problem at all. Last year we hardly saw any. This year is different though with these early damage sites showing already. We got August rains that must have lead to a better adult hatch than the previous very dry summer of 2003. Crows tear turf up in these parts looking for crane fly larvae, especially damaging on golf greens. We don't treat unless there is damage and then only in areas that need it. Onyx seems to do the job as long as larvae are moving to the surface. Neal