View Full Version : Several pieces of lawn equip. & etc.

01-20-2005, 02:31 PM
1.) 4 hp Honda vertical shaft. OHC, Mod. #GC135 Never used put oil in it and started it up and it has set since spring. Cost me 250.00 + tax. I'll take 100.00 plus shipping.

2.)Meg-Mow's for a 52" toro with a SFS deck. Used very little. (I'm not going to debate whether I like them or not.) 50.00+ plus shipping.

3.)Sit down Sulky Never used came with the mower never even been hooked up to the machine. Needs a new seat weather has made this one a little rough.75.00 Plus shipping.

4.)Racks for trimmers: I don't know the brand, but I used them for three trimmers. You can also use it for your blowers. (It held my Echo)
25.00 Plus shipping.

5.)Li'l Brute 5th wheel attachment used one time. I bought the truck and pulled it out. On the web site the new models go for almost 400.00
150.00 plus shipping.

I'm in the Tulsa OK area. If interested send a PM and I'll get you my number. Thanks, Tony

P.S. I don't know how to post pic's I'll see if I can get some if you want them.