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01-29-2001, 02:54 PM
I HAVE AN IDEA.Is it possible to take a picture
of a yd,buisines or what ever.Then have picture
changed to show how it would look with good
landscaping and maintenance.If that is possible
it would be the way to go.First things first
Is it possible.I see dallar marks if it is.
computer enhancement

01-29-2001, 03:36 PM
I do believe there is a software program that will allow you to import your own pictures,and then alter them. I think I saw it at Staples or Office Depot.

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Groundcover Solutions
01-29-2001, 04:01 PM
Try this address it has a few software programs that you could use/buy!


01-29-2001, 04:08 PM
you can buy the software a price club

01-29-2001, 05:18 PM
Ill see what i comeup with.thanks for

01-29-2001, 05:23 PM
you can buy these programs almost anywhere even lowes and hhome depot, use your picture add landscaping, and then enhance for 1 yr. 5yr and 10 yr and so on they are pretty neat