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02-02-2005, 01:19 AM
First off I want to thank everyone for all there comments, suggestions, examples and help you gave me!! Here is what I have come up with a 4 page service agreement that I believe covers most if not all! Well please comment as much as possible all is welcome! Thank you agian! :waving:

02-02-2005, 01:46 AM
It looks pretty good, covers all the bases. I would just question whether you need to include ALL that info. I mean, a 4 page agreement might scare a few people away. People are more or less used to all the legal mumbo-jumbo these days, but for someone who just wants mowing to start with, it might seem a bit much.

As much as possible I try to keep it simple, get as much as I can on one page.

hole in one lco
02-02-2005, 02:30 AM
your name is scotts lawn care but in the collection it says cutting edge are you 2 companies or is it a typo

02-02-2005, 03:08 AM
some was from cutting edge who let me use some of his stuff must of missed it to edit it and change it to my business name

LB Landscaping
02-02-2005, 08:43 AM
I agree too long, if you cut out the logo of your name on every page but the first it would make it appear shorter without loosing any of the contract text. Overall looks real good!!

02-02-2005, 09:35 AM

Looks good. Here are a couple of things that I noticed.

Changes to be made:

Part 3

In Section B. Spring Clean-up (Change Leave to Leaf)

In Section G. Mulch Installation (Change Display to Overall Appearance)

Part 4

In Section E. has the right to mow around the pet droppings (Change to Reserves the right....)

Section G. No additional services can be performed (Change to will be performed).

Also The Contractor are unauthorized (Change to is unauthorized)

Section K. I would change to 30 days. 5 is not that much time.

Hope this helps,


If you were asking me if I have AIM in the other post the answer is No.
You can e-mail me at Jason@makoconsulting.com

02-02-2005, 09:37 AM
And BTW I don't think that it is too long.
It never hurts to spell it out for the customer.
What you might want to consider is reducing the size of your logo or header.
This might allow you to reduce it to three pages.


02-02-2005, 02:15 PM
Thank you soooo much! I really appreciate everything you have said and suggested!! and i was playing around with it by taking out my logo and trying to condense it a bit but it doesnt work out, cause one page may have a big space but not big enough to add nething else to it and then the order wouldnt seem right.... what you think bout the space i left were ima tape my business card to?

02-02-2005, 02:22 PM
oh and for the time i will allow the estimate valid i put 15 because say if i give a lady an estimate for a clean up and she doesnt get back to me in 30 days and by then theres 30 more days worth of leaves on the ground in my contract im covered. So another words those 30 days worth of leaves im opt to clean up with the price i gave her if that makes any sense?

Carolina Cutter
02-02-2005, 02:31 PM
I saw a couple of typos and one part that said "Cuting Edge Lawn Care"....I will try to proffread it again tonight and tell you if I come across anything else.

Other than that.....hell I might make one similar........

02-02-2005, 02:57 PM

You are welcome.
I have modified it a bit for you to make it so that the Logo (Header) section is a little bit higher on the page, also corrected some words.
I like it and I think that you did a good job of covering yourself and also educating the consumer as to how your operations are run.
As for the 15 days or 30 days that is completely up to you.
I would probably put thirty days as people in general don't like time restrictions on things such as estimates. What you should be doing is anticipating how much leaf coverage there is going to be which is hard to do especially on new properties. The prices for leaf clean-ups should be for the entire amount of leaves that have and will fall in the "season" or your projected clean-up dates such as October 15th- December 1st.
This does get complicated and many guys would rather charge by the hour.
After a while you should become proficient enough at estimating approximate hours involved for a clean-up and base your estimate on that.

Hope this helps,

02-02-2005, 03:10 PM
Ques tho my part IV didnt show up the policy section...

02-02-2005, 04:09 PM
Ques tho my part IV didnt show up the policy section...

Uh I don't get it?
What do you mean?

02-02-2005, 04:32 PM
When i clicked your revised one my policy section didnt show up

02-02-2005, 04:46 PM
I got one problem about how to figure out how to render my invoices so i give the client enough time and ill be happy with when i get paid. Id like to send invoices out for each month consisting of atleast 4 cuts a month/invoice how would i go about doing that or putting that in words?

02-02-2005, 06:42 PM
here is almost the finallll contract

02-03-2005, 09:26 AM
I got one problem about how to figure out how to render my invoices so i give the client enough time and ill be happy with when i get paid. Id like to send invoices out for each month consisting of atleast 4 cuts a month/invoice how would i go about doing that or putting that in words?

It looks good.
Basically for payment terms -
Leave it the way it is and explain that you are doing 2 cuts before they get their invoice. Basically you are splitting the month in half by the time that the invoice is due there will have been 4 cuts. That is why I went to monthly charges instead of weekly. This also eliminates the every other week clients that we all hate. Plus the way I have it worded there is a minimum of 30 visits.
What this means is in the event of a drought or some other circumstances I might go and edge or blow of their driveway/ deck or something else and they are still getting charged the regular monthly rate even though there was no cutting. You can also explain that it all evens out because in April/ May sometimes you are double cutting and they are not getting charged more for that. Here is some of the letter that I sent out last spring to explain it a little to the customer. Basically this was just a reminder.

Dear Valued Customer:

Cutting Edge Landscaping, Inc. will be implementing a new invoicing schedule this year.
The new schedule will take effect this month, and is outlined below.

Your Invoice for Monthly Lawn Maintenance will be sent out by the 10th of every month.
The total amount due on the bottom of the Invoice should be remitted by the 5th of the following month. Please note that this is only for Lawn Maintenance services, all other services performed will have a separate Invoice.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of My Customers for choosing Cutting Edge Landscaping, Inc. I am very appreciative of your business, and look forward to having a great working relationship together with you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new policy, or would like a free estimate please give me a call!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!


02-03-2005, 01:49 PM
how does this sound..... I have all invoices sent out on the 28th of each month (4 weeks) net 20 this way each invoice will read 4 cuts a month, just to make it clear to the client and less confusing for me rather then 2 cuts in one month 5 in the next ,...etc

02-03-2005, 02:00 PM
I also add a lil to the payment terms part:

A. Invoices will be rendered by Scotts Lawn Care Co. to the Client by or around the 28th of each month, and are due in full by 20 days from the dated invoice. Scotts Lawn Care Co. reserves the right to suspend service when payments become more than 15 days past due. After the first 10 days overdue a friendly reminder letter will be sent out. This agreement price has been negotiated and agreed upon, based on the Clients grounds, as they exist on the agreement date.
B. A service charge of $30.00 will be charged for any returned checks.
C. Customer accepts full financial responsibility for all charges, including any collection costs, and attorney fees incurred to collect on their account.
D. Contractor reserves the right to not service an account whose payment is 15 days overdue.

02-03-2005, 08:37 PM
i think it's kinda long, but that is not too much of a biggie.

what I don't like is the look of your name and the box around it. I would either nix the box, or use a different script for your name. something.

i like the check boxed on the services. that's a nice feature, and i like the wording.

02-03-2005, 10:06 PM
the box around it was just to place it right it doesnt show up when i print it
and i cant really do nething about the length cause it covers all that it needs and the service specs