View Full Version : Keeping up with the volume of post now

01-31-2001, 01:11 AM
Boy, seems lately if you're gone
for 12 hours you have to look at
2 pages to catch up and find your
post. Do you have a post that you
were interested in but just can't find it?

I've found that adding a favorites
folder to Internet Explorer called
"Threads" and adding any thread that
I find interesing or that I started
into it helps me find it quickly.

Just a suggestion...

01-31-2001, 02:07 AM
Kirby just use the "view new post" on the opening screen

01-31-2001, 02:31 AM
He's talking about threads, not the newest posts within a thread. I agree Kirby, getting busy here! You can also specify (in your profile) that you get an E-mail notification when someone responds to a thread you start. I like your idea too.

01-31-2001, 04:07 AM
Need to get all those lurkers to sign up.

01-31-2001, 06:05 AM
Thanks Paul, but BRL noted my point. Sometimes there is a thread I'm interested in keeping up with, saving in the favorites folder helps with the higher volume. Also allows easy access later if needed. Bill, I'll pass on getting the email, I get too many now. ;)

01-31-2001, 07:47 AM
There would be that many fewer to read if you wouldnt talk out loud so much Kirby ;)

02-01-2001, 12:56 AM
Thanks Bill! http://www.lawnsite.com/images/icons/icon1.gif Note to self.......don't post on lawn site what your thinking out loud.

02-01-2001, 07:41 AM
Oops...I meant think....