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02-14-2005, 11:51 PM
I'm planning on getting a Ferris IS 1500Z sometime soon and I'm trying to determine how to best configure it. My plan is to primarily mulch with it, but I'd like to use an Accelerator for when I want to bag. My question is how hard is it to switch between one setup and the other? One dealer suggested just putting a plate over the chute that I can easily remove when using the bagger. However, in order to mulch properly, I really should install the mulch kit which includes baffles. Taking on and off the baffles seems like too much of a hassle to do often. So my question is, do you think it would mulch ok to just close off the chute or are the other options to make the switch easier? I'd also like to get 1 set of blades for both purposes, so with that in mind, which blades would you recommend?

A few other questions:
I know there are Accelerator models for the Ferris line, but the IS 1500z is very new and I was told that Ferris had recently re-designed all of their decks slightly. Has a bagger already been made to fit this model and if so, how does it mount?


02-15-2005, 01:11 PM
Last question first- as far as fitting up the catcher there is a bit of room in the mounting setup for slight variation in the size of the opening. We sell a fair number of catchers for the Ferris, and I have not heard any complaints yet that the catcher does not fit. If you would like to be sure, give me a call with the measurements of the opening on your particular mower (or the one you are considering).
As to your mulching question, if you have looked at our webpage for the ferris http://www.acceleratorindustries.com/mower%20models/Ferris.htm
you can see where our bracket mounts and what obstruction it would pose for putting a masterchute or something similar on your mower. As far as what blade configuration to use, If I was setting up the mower I would not want to have to change blades each time I switched between bagging and mulching. Obviously, you would get the best result by putting blades made for each mowing type that you are doing on each time, but the setup time and inconvience would be a high price to pay. You can put mulching blades on the center and left spindle with a standard or high lift right next to the catcher. This might be a good compromise solution. As far as a mulch kit, I would try a close off plate setup first and check your results. People get varying results with different mowers and different turf conditions. Try the most convienent setup first and work back from there. Feel free to call me anytime if you want to discuss this! Let me know how it works out for you.

02-16-2005, 10:51 AM
Thanks for the info. That's good advise. As far as using different blades, my concern is whether or not it gives a uniform cut. Is the cutting surface the exact same height on all blades and will you see a difference between the cut on one side of the mower and the other?

02-16-2005, 06:53 PM
You could check to see if the cutting height was the same without actually mounting the blades by setting them on a flat surface and measuring the distance from the center hole to the floor. The only way they would not cut at the same level would be if one was a lot less ridgid than another, and it bent more under the air pressure. You would have to actually try it to know for sure. As far as the appearance of the cut (apart from the height), I don't know what result you would get in your particular circumstance. It would depend on a number of factors including grass type, moisture content, relative blade sharpness (some are harder than others and wear faster) and the deck design of the mower (some decks give a "flatter" cut than others).