View Full Version : new toy

03-01-2005, 06:55 PM
http://choveypictures.smugmug.com/photos/16734131-M.jpg Just got it today. I can't wait to use it

grass disaster
03-01-2005, 07:24 PM
congrats.. looks nice. you want to race :cool:

Travis Followell
03-01-2005, 07:25 PM
Good looking mower. Bet you can't wait to use it.

03-01-2005, 07:30 PM
Kind if weird, Boss just got rid of 2 Old Dane's and bought 2 new ones jsut like yours.

03-01-2005, 08:48 PM
thanks guys. I just got rid of my diesel dixie chopper.

03-02-2005, 01:22 AM
Congrats dchovey, you're like the fifth guy this past few weeks I've seen who's gotten a Lazer. Two of my buddies just got them this week. I can't wait to ride one as I need to make up my mind before spring! Nice mower.

03-08-2005, 06:31 PM
You didn't like your dixie chopper ?...just wondering cause so many poeple brag about dixie chopper ....dunno ,,i'll never own one ,,,,anyway ..Good Luck on your new mower