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Acute Cut
05-13-2000, 12:57 AM
I just ordered a flail thatcher. I have lots of requests for service, but i have no idea HOW to bid it. My equip for clean up includes<br>exmark 52&quot; HP<br>Exmark 36&quot; Belt<br>12 cubic foot bagger (vac) enroute<br>Hands: 2<br>Sleep: None (Not that unusual as i have learned)<p>What do ya'll do and so on and so forth? Any tips would be helpful too. Thanks ya'll.

05-13-2000, 10:51 AM
In my part of town a thatching or dethatching is usually 3 to 4 times the normal mowing price. I try to get between 5 and 10 dollars per 1000 sq/ft for dethatching. Sometimes more if there is alot of thatch and you have to remove it from the site. Our dethatching season is usually late march thru late april. If you have leaves you can throw in a bed cleaning - leaf cleaning if you have a good blower its easy and the cleans make good money. <br>Be careful with the flail mower you can rip the lawn apart if your not careful - practice on yours or in a park if you can. Are the other guys thatching in your area now? E-mail me if you need any mow info.<br>Good Luck.

Acute Cut
05-13-2000, 11:33 AM
Mow Ed:<br>Thanks for the info. Now i know why my first bid nearly made the lady faint. LOL<br>How do you thatch around sprinkler systems?<br>Is it too late now?<br>Can you thatch in the fall?<br>What do you use to pick up the thatch? (I will be removing from premisis)<br>Thanks again.

05-13-2000, 10:25 PM
We perform about 40 dethatchings a year up north here in New Hampshire. Our average 5-7000 sq ft lawn cost for this service generally runs about $225-$275 depending upon the amount od debris we must get rid of. we generally use backpack blowers to remove the debris. Most people don't question the price. I inform our customers through our quarterly newsletter about the problems of thatch and let them know of a rough price so they know ahead of time. I let them know that it only has to be done every 2-3 years so it's not a common occurance of a bill. As for sprinkler systems, you generally have to worry about only scratching the heads, so have them mark them ahead of time. <p>Mike

05-14-2000, 07:35 PM
I use the spring tine type dethatcher that mounts on my Walker. I also have a spring tine drthatcher that is used on my Toro $$&quot; Hydro walk behind. I can sell my customers on the &quot;less aggressive&quot; thatching that spring tines do and usually can have repeat business every year. Some literature says that vertical mowers ( flail dethatchers ) are not supposed to be used every year. Anyway my Walker has the GHS system and can suck the chrome off a bumper and bag it so I'm in good shape. I've seen guys with lawn vacs and tow behind lawn sweepers as well as guys with 22&quot; push baggers. Its up to you but if the money is there invest in a pick up system for a ztr or tractor if you can.I don't know about your area of the country but we stopped dethatching here about 2 weeks ago. You dont want to stress the grass too much if it is growing actively. Another time to try is in late fall if your customer really is insistant. Good Luck. If ya need more e-mail me.

AGG Lawn Maintenance
05-14-2000, 10:03 PM
With the Thatching you can price it out by sq feet or 4 times a cut. If you ask me go with sq feet. Take into account your blow off time and if you have to pay to dump any debris.Its not a bad gig.<br>Good luck you'll do well.<br>P.S. Watch out for any sprinkler heads also.<br>Travis :)<br>AG&G Lawn Maintenance<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: AGG Lawn Maintenance

Acute Cut
05-15-2000, 02:10 AM
Wow. Thanks for all the info guys. I am SERIOUSLY questioning my buying this thing now. Maybe i am too late for spring thatching. hmmm.... Well it is kinda too late. He ordered it already. I will ask some experts around here what they think. Maybe i can get one last week in atleast. It would almost pay for the equip. Have fun yall.

05-15-2000, 08:26 PM
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05-15-2000, 08:27 PM
Don't second guess your purchase at all. Dethatching is like pruning. If it needs it, do it. Even though the season may not be right it is better to do it if the plantgrass needs it than let it go. If a lawn really needs dethatching, then do it, it might stress the lawn, but then again, so does thatch! Optimum timing is important, but neglect is probably worse.<p>Mike