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03-21-2005, 01:59 AM
I was putting a header gasket in today on my F250 5.8L and i broke this part i have in the pic below but i dont know what it is called. i looked everywhere on the web for it but i cant find it. Can someone tell me what it is called and where i can buy it???? thanks so much.

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0006.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0009.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0007.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0014.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0008.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0015.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0010.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0016.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0011.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0013.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

<img src='http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-3/976748/DSCF0012.JPG' width=448 height=336 >

03-21-2005, 11:17 AM
Try some JB Weld on the crack, I've fixed engine blocks with it, and it has done well in that area.

The part looks like something to do with the EGR system, like the collector or something.

03-31-2005, 12:22 PM
I'm not to farmiliar with fords, but is it a turbo diesel? I know little about turbos but I now they use exhust gas in their operation, so It may have somethign to do with that.... Just a guess.

Take it off and go to the Auto parts place, they will know.

03-31-2005, 12:37 PM
that has to do with the pollution control. it's supposed to help scavenge extra "bad stuff", and i could be wrong, but that should go somehow to the canister.

03-31-2005, 08:31 PM
that is part of the air pump injection system for emissions. I had a cracked tube on my van and just disonnected the whole thing. You could also cut it with a dremel tool and fold the end over and crimp with visegrips to seal. The exhuast will try to come out of it. What a pain in the a....An emission check/inspection would never see that so don't worry.

Albemarle Lawn
04-01-2005, 01:50 AM

"Air Injection Reaction"

It uses an air pump to put extra air into the exhaust for the catalytic converter.

You can plug all eight ports, remove that crap, and remove the pump (or just its pulley via the 3 bolts on it) and buy a shorter belt.

Enjoy the added power after doing so. (Robs about 2 HP and 1 mpg or so).