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May 2, 2011
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Jul 10, 2016
    1. 205mx
      It depends on how many posts you have. He is in Tennessee.

      The owner is a good friend of mine.

      his personal email is tylersmith37065@gmail.com

      Tell him JT Sent you.

      Just ask him for info on the billing service. He set me up in one day. It is super easy to do.
    2. GrassKing2015
      Hey I am interested in that billing company you were talking about. I know you said they service the whole country but I am up in Canada not sure where your from.

      Is this the only way to PM?
    3. drewbee30
      Good evening, I'm in the process of hiring an answering service, what is their site? Thanks in advance. Ryan
    4. abcLawnWorks
      Thank you! I sent an email yesterday - waiting to hear back
    5. abcLawnWorks
      I saw your post about an answering service and am looking into one for the coming season and beyond (until I have an office assistant). Who is it that you use?

    6. Wm lawn service
      Wm lawn service
      What's going on in Nashville? This is William from memphis.
    7. jplatt96
      Hey 205mx, saw your post about a mower...can you give me the rundown on what it is again? Bobcat w a Velkie...I am in KC but I have family in Nashville, so I could justify the drive. I have a feeling though, that you're going to be too high. I am just like the guy you posted for, new to the biz, just starting to ramp up equipment. Let me know! Thanks! Jack
    8. yardguy plus
      yardguy plus
      I know your taking opinions but is it really THAT big of a deal the new guy won't wear long sleeves.

      personally I don't own 1 single long sleeve shirt for anything. I wear pants and short sleeve shirts year round. anything else and I sweat like a pig and am hotter than a woman on menopause.
    9. CreativeLawncareSolutions
      The Kombi is great if you use all the attachments. I only ever used the edger attachment. I may have used the trimmer attachment a few times for kicks too.
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