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Jun 20, 2013
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a clear difference lawn

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Jun 20, 2013
    1. Mikey.D
      Hello there....I was after a little advice on the compact pro34. I have a mowing run here in Australia running honda 21" but getting bigger jobs now. Wanting to move up to a zero turn to make life easier and hopefully more profitable. Pro 34 sounds like a great machine but what size lawns can I realistically cover with it? I have a couple of potential clients that have 2 acre manicured gardens that want me to mow as well as my smaller residents in town to satisfy...tossing up whether to get a 42/44 inch deck and use 21" though the small gates or the 34" pro. What do you reckon? Any advice would be much appreciated.

    2. Redlandsguy
      Hey there, I have read some of your thread contributions about what will be my new ZTR, a Gravely Compact 34. One of the things that I am interested in is the change in tyres. The standard tyres are 13x6.5-6 and you changed yours to 20x10-10 I believe with a small increas in overall width. From my understanding this tyre is 7" taller and this should change the overall setup of the machine. Am I misunderstanding this or have you made some sort of change to the deck etc to overcome this?

      Thanks for any advice you may give on this
    3. a clear difference lawn
      a clear difference lawn
      Drill the pilot hole exactly between the two half inch holes. You can look in from above. Then, if you size your bit to be the same size as the factory holes you will be exactly between the two factory settings. If you look at the pic on page 5 of the post closely, you can see that half the pin is filling up the 4" hole. The blade height is then 3&3/4".
    4. Casey'sLM
      How did you know when you where at the right height?
    5. a clear difference lawn
      a clear difference lawn
    6. Casey'sLM
      ACDL- I have read a couple of your threads and really like your Gravely ZTRs. I read that you have adjusted the speed control and modified the deck adjustment. I have a Gravely Compact Pro 44 and was thinking about doing both of those things to it. I think the 44 goes about 8 MPH with the stock speed adjustment. How fast will it go if I let the srews out all the way? Also could you send me a pic of how you modified the deck adjustment. I hate that it didn't come from the factory with 1/4" adjustments, it would really come in handy.

      P.S. I believe you when you said that you cut an acre in 18mins. When I adjust the speed control I'm going to try the samething.

      Thank you very much,

    7. cole32
      Looks like you have some nice equipment. Like the blower. Is that Gravely 34z good for residential yards?
    8. timebomb9900
      hey let me know how you like that blower... i wanna buy one... looks awesome...
    9. Balforn Lawn Service
      Balforn Lawn Service
      i looked at the scag not sure if i got enough clearance for the 24x12x12 i might
    10. Balforn Lawn Service
      Balforn Lawn Service
      Yeah i have heard the 34z really is bad on the hills that is why i was looking at the stand cuase they are better, but there tires on my scag are stock turf master, 23 x 9.5 -12, 4 ply, yeah i have been combating wear marks/rutting for a while i have to turn so slow it is stupid might as well us a 21 hah
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