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AI Inc
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Jul 25, 2016 at 6:06 AM
Dec 18, 2007
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Southern NH

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AI Inc

LawnSite Fanatic, from Southern NH

AI Inc was last seen:
Jul 25, 2016 at 6:06 AM
    1. kempoone
      no just aeration customers , and sometimes i do fall yard clean ups. Im expanding do to loosing my full time job that was unrelated to landscaping
    2. kempoone
      hi I have posted on this site as I am trying to start sprinkler blowouts this year and was wondering if you have experience doing these? if so maybe you could answer a couple of questions for me .
      do I need a tow behined compressor , i dont expect to be really busy at least not at first and am just doing residential houses.
      next, what type of specs do i look for in a compressor cfm tank size and psi?
      anything els you think i should consider before purchasing one?
      thanks for any help you can offer me.
    3. yamahatim
      I love your avitar Ron Paul logo. Could you send me that?
    4. AI Inc
      AI Inc
      A handheld scetch is the industry standard. Can ya send me a copy of the scetch? steve7375@gmail.com
    5. raymont4
      Hey AI Inc - since you were so helpful with my other questions, and it appears you are nearby, I have another question for you. The irrigation company, I'm sure you know who they are in Southern NH, drew me a very very basic map after the install...its like something a child would draw with no dimensions or measurements. Now I want to install trees and shrubs near my foundation and I do have a general idea where the lines go, but is there a 'safe' way of doing this? I dont want to start shoveling and all of the sudden cause damage. Do companies usually provide a legit diagram so I know exactly where the lines are? Thanks in advance
    6. connor77
      Thanks for your help with the info you provided about the irrigation quote. What you mentioned was very much in the ballpark of the quote I got. Thanks again AI Inc.
    7. AI Inc
      AI Inc
      No problem , my reg email is steve7375@gmail.com
    8. Optoman
      The meter box does hold a meter and a shutoff, the meter is read easily for flow. Today is not a watering day, however, so I have nothing to turn on :) I'll report back with the GPM as soon as it's on.

      Thanks again.
    9. Optoman
      Pissing was the proper descriptor.

      Great question, I do not know the answer. There is a meter box at the street with a meter (duh) in it. That runs down the side of the house about 50' to the 7 valve pots. The meter box is filled with dirt, so I'll start digging around in there and see what I find. And obviously -- without a shovel...
    10. AI Inc
      AI Inc
      Doing 900 houses , they probably dropped pipe size to save a little money. The rotors didnt work correctly because of pressure, Without proper pressure they will look more like a little kid pissing then a nice even flow across the spay pattern. Does your system has a backflow preventer or any other way to read you gpm?
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