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    1. greendoctor
      Reels for centipede need to be adjustable to 11/2-2. My normal reels cut too short. A Tru-Cut or Locke are two that can be adjusted to cut over 11/2". I can get my Greensmaster to cut at 13/4-2 by changing two stud bolts that are part of the height adjustment. How is it that you know not to ever do this to St Augustine? A reel does not shred the St Augustine like how a rotary does when it is set below 2", but even without shredding, that is not a healthy height for St Augustine. The local lawn and landscaping people are really frustrating for me. They keep bermuda and zoysia ridiculously high and want to scalp St Augustine to putting green heights. Welcome to backwards opposite bizzarro world.
    2. AllBrad
      Jason, I started to get back to you, but became swamped in work. I am from Fairhope ala. 38 accts about half are weekly. Year round or once a month in the winter. Everything from cuttting, fert, hedges, minor installs, irrigation repair, roofs,etc. Well a custom situation with every cust. I use the G6s. Love them. Dealer got me a pair of G5s by mistake. I will put them on next week and see how they do. I do not have the mulch plate on. I use a honda 216 and a scag 48 tiger cat. love them both. Hired a guy this year. He is my brother in law. He is very good and very slow. I do not know if I can afford it. We have many different types of customers here. I have some that pay me around $25 per to do just a cut and go. I also have some that spend 3-5 hundred a month. Lots of money. Lots a competition. per. . Man I just realized I am rambling. Sorry, just wanted to get back to you. Thanks for responding.
      Brad 30
    3. weeze
      i'm in boaz/albertville area. i have 15-20 accounts. this year will be my 3rd year in business.
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