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Jul 21, 2016 at 6:55 PM
May 23, 2006
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Jul 21, 2016 at 6:55 PM
    1. windtzu
      Hi. Recently started a mosquito and tick spray service (w/ MA) applicator lic. expanding my long time cleaning service and moving in different service direction. I service North of Boston, MA

      Tried Essentria ic3. Not so good.

      So after spraying a dozen or so times (Stihl sr200 blower) Used Mosquito Barrier product with varying degrees of customer satisfaction with hit or miss. My cousin uses a guy with a formulation similar to what you might be doing - Mosquito Barrier Garlic with Crosscheck .03 oz (bifen). She's happy with the results for mosquitos - one spray lasts about 14 days. Ok that's were I'll start.

      He comes 2x per month. I'm reading that bifen shouldn't be applied that often? Or is it a matter of concentration, the amount applied at any given time?

      Btw, I appreciate any feedback. That said, my goal is learn to do this service safely as well as effectively.

      Cheers, Ivan - Bugzilla Pest Control
    2. Slickdj96
      Hello, I'm also in iowa (quad cities) and was wondering if you could contact me at slickdj96@hotmail.com? I have some questions I'd like to ask you if you have the time. Thanks
    3. TopNotchLandscape
      I was reading through your posts and saw you had mentioned "...Our full program = only 5 (regular) apps per year. (Not 6 or 7).

      We use slow release fert in every app. We also include as many as 7 micronutrients - depending on soil type.

      Our lawn program was originally developed by our land grant university, and we continue to follow their guidelines..."

      I just received my commercial applicator license and I was wondering if you would be willing to share those guidelines and the products you use and everything. I would sincerely appreciate it. I want the best program for my clients and you seem to be quite knowledgeable.

      Contact me at ShayneCarson@TopNotchServicesNM.com if you are willing to share your expertise... or message on here .. Thanks.
    4. greenlawnpro
      Hi just read your post about the metal spinner.....curious how it is working for you? Im also in Iowa, Go hawks!
    5. fairwaygreenwi
      I am interested in carry rack Brian 414-430-5296
    6. brettl8
      Larry, I know you use the turfco 3000i for you lawn care apps. I am close to buying one and had a question for you since you seem to have ran these for years. I currently have a permagreen magnum and am having a issue with spray drift, which seems to cover me in spray. Does this machine have that problem for you? I am just tired of breathing in mist all day. If you could let me know I really would appreciate it. Thanks
    7. Lures800
      Larry thanks for the quick reply, Im out in California and starting a aerating business this spring and had seen your ad. Im wanting to start of with the Lawn solutions walk behind aerator because the lawns seem to be a little smaller out here. How does the stand-on work for smaller lawns/ Any other tips? thanks!!!
    8. Lures800
      Did you sell your Lawn Solutions aerator that was post a couple moths back?

      Thank you
      well, as you can see I am not very active on this site, have an old Kee 20 inch mower , repowered 20years ago and still running , neighbors stare in amazement at this dinosaur but I am getting the same looks now but who cares, thanks
    10. jtq0919

      I am currently in the process of starting a mosquito management program for my company and am going to use the Mosquito Barrier after reading your success with it. Do you apply it every 3 weeks? when you do apply it do you blanket spray the whole property or do you just do the perimeter?

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