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Dec 21, 2015
May 18, 2006
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LawnSite Member, from Comstock Park, MI

Dec 21, 2015
      Dear delabarre,
      Michigan has many tools on their web site-mi.gov-to help business's. It's all new since I became an LLC. I have the forms, but I was playing on the web site and remembered that it was better and faster to fill them out on the computer and send them in right away. I will give you has much information as I can. If you have a question just give me a call anytime at (616)318-4070.
      To start if your business is going to use the same DBA as it will to be an LLC you have to go and dissolve the business with the county clerk.
      Go to mi.gov, on the left hand side find Business and Economic Growth, click it, now find the Business Guidebook, click it, in the middle of the page you will see 1,2,3. #2 will give you alot of good info on starting and growing...good reading. #3 go to the second bullet, click it, in the middle go to the third "How Do I?" click on Business Enity search, you have to make sure no one else is using the same business name, once you find that out go back 3 pages and find Licensing & Permits on the left hand side, click it, in the middle of the page find Department of Labor and Economic Growth, click it, in the middle of the page find Forms look for Business/ Consumer/ Licensing, click go, now find Limited Liability Company Forms, click it, start with form 901 this is the only form you have to print frist to fill out. Once you receive a fax back(maybe a day) fill out forms 900 and 700. You should get a response back in a day.
      Also if you are still using your social security number for business If so , I would get an EIN. It's free and alot safer than having you social security number floating around. Go to irs.gov. type EIN in their search bar(top right) click on the first link then find apply for and EIN online.
      I hope this will help you. If you have questions, please call me. I will help in anyway I can

      Andrew Stachowiak
      Seasons Change Services LLC
    2. delabarre
      Can you send me the llc forms please! i live just south of kalamazoo... Im in no rush so take your time. any additional info would be greatly appreciated! thank you!
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