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Feb 16, 2016
Sep 26, 2005
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Jan 7, 1962 (Age: 54)
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Az Gardener

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Feb 16, 2016
    1. NBChris
      Just searching through some threads and came across a couple of your replies about operating procedures for employees. I am about to go insane with some of mine. Could you direct me in how to write a a procedure sheet or have one I can use as a template to go off of? I am having to come up with something before I go to prison for killing them!!!! They are good guys and work hard but they always forget stuff or break stuff due to me not having a procedure for them to sign so it would remind them of what to do and the consequences if they do not do them correctly. Please help!
    2. holmesgts
      My name is mark and I viewed about cleaning your aireator for pearl scale. I live and work in wilmington nc and here the problem is extensive. I am currently working on a none chemical treatment for the problem with a scientist from NC State University that is proving to be very effective. I would like to know more about the problem in your area.

    3. GetReel

      Just following up on this thread about your Trimmer:

      If you could send an email to me at with details and photos, ideally of whichever of the two units you consider to be the newer/better one, that would be much appreciate. We can continue the conversation via email afterwards.


    4. whitelocust02
      Dave! It's chris collins here doing my annual (bi-annual?) check in. How is everything? Hope you all are doing well and that you're making a killing! Would love to see pictures of some of the old clients houses and how they look now. Do email me -

    5. nateturner
      my Email is if you could add me to that monthly mailing list so i can get an idea of how that works i would appreciate it.
    6. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting
      INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting
      Hello Dave. Please send your inquiry directly to me at Thanks. Also, if you could take down the post on my profile page I would appreciate it. (You can send a private message here which is a bit more discreet) Thanks again.
    7. Inspired
      I know what you mean. There is a lot of good experience represented in the Irrigation Forum, so I stop in a few times a week and look things over.

      See you soon, Dave.
    8. dgrothusen
      Interested to talk with you about fertigation systems. I live in Wichita, KS and the sandy soil that was used to back fill my house is hard to deal with. If you do not completely soak the ground daily the grass will turn brown. I was looking into fertigation since it would get a regular dose of fertilizer plus a surfactant to help slow the water from leaching out of the ground. Send me an email or let me know when a good time to call is, it sounds like you have a lot of experience with these systems. I have looked at the fertile earth, fertigator and ez flo. Send me a note at
    9. Inspired
      Hello Dave J. This is Bill K. I'm wondering if this is the Dave J I know from Phoenix?
      Bill @ Inspired
    10. L&LNewbie
      Hi there...
      I'm a writer with Lawn & Landscape magazine working on an article about hiring strategies. I'd be interested in interviewing you for the story... Mind emailing me at I'm on an April 20 deadline.

      Look forward to hearing from you.
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    Jan 7, 1962 (Age: 54)
    Phoenix, Az
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