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Barge Man
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Jul 15, 2015
Nov 30, 2009
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Barge Man

LawnSite Senior Member, from Indian lake Ohio

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Jul 15, 2015
    1. Barge Man
      Barge Man
      Thanks TSS I figured it would need extra counter weight, I would like to put a clamshell on my 315 and use the 330 to unload barges. Who knows I am just looking for another nich, i'm sure you know how it is.
    2. AEL
      I have never switched booms and sticks on the long reach, but i know a rental company we used to rent a komatsu 300 long stick off of used to switch theres all the time, so i dont think it would be too hard. I recomend adding extra counterweight as well to the machine if you add the long stick. That same rental company fabbed something up so they could put steel plates on top of the c/w and remove them when the long reach was removed. I might have some pics of it somewhere.
    3. Dirtman2007
      Hey your PM does not work. Email me at letsdig18@yahoo.com or give send me your email.
    4. Barge Man
      Barge Man
      Thats very understandable and makes with the zero tail swing. That is great that you bought it that has to be very exciting. You said you like the marine industry with that new 50 you could Easley get a small barge that you could move with your setup. All you need is a barge and a plate compactor and you could do seawall and small marina and boat dock dredging. I thorley enjoy talking with you about work keep me posted.
    5. ARP
      Hey Bargeman,

      Just wanted to say nice pics first!

      I did buy the 50D and mower as it was the largest machine I could fit on my trailer that was still zero tail swing- the 60D isn't. Working in the woods with no tail is nice as I'm always against trees. A 160 size machine is my next step but I don't think it will be a Cat. My local Cat dealer leaves a lot to be desired. I'm looking at either a Deere/Hitachi or Volvo as the other brands don't have good representation in my area. Deere is good because they have a lot of familiarity with forestry work in my area, so getting a machine setup for that type of work is easier than with other dealers as well.

      How's the 330 treating you?
    6. Barge Man
      Barge Man
      Well that makes sense
    7. Junior M
      Junior M
      Thats one reason. Another I just like it better up there, plus I've got some really close family up there..
    8. Barge Man
      Barge Man
      I will have to see about your age but I worked for them just as I turned 18. Why would you want to get back to Ohio is their not much going on down there?
    9. Junior M
      Junior M
      oh yeah, its 803-873-5956
    10. Junior M
      Junior M
      alright cool, thanks.. The thing is, I am only 16. That might be a problem? I do have my license and my own truck so I can get where ever I gotta be..

      Btw, I'd love to spend sometime on one of your jobs, seems like it'd be interesting working off a barge!
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