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Jul 25, 2016 at 9:32 PM
Apr 6, 2010
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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Barrett Landscaping

LawnSite Bronze Member, from Cincinnati, Ohio

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Jul 25, 2016 at 9:32 PM
    1. nieselawnservice
      Just wondering how many clients you have, and what you all did to expand your business? Have a nice shop/trucks!
    2. Tuition Lawncare  LLC
      Tuition Lawncare LLC
      I completely understand. It's the same issue I am having right now as well.

      I think I have some good local resources you might be interested in hearing about.
    3. Tuition Lawncare  LLC
      Tuition Lawncare LLC
      No worries. It's going great. Had a couple hiccups but we keep moving along better than ever.

      I saw you cutting over on WHT, that was a beautiful house.

      How's your season going?
    4. Tuition Lawncare  LLC
      Tuition Lawncare LLC
      Good to see you active on the forums!

      I met you a couple weeks ago at Bzak's turpin location.

      Tuition Lawncare

      Paul Flynn
    5. snuss
      Hey Barret, if you ever have a moment can you send me an email at I am a 17 year old looking at getting further into the business and would like some advice from someone who has been there.
    6. mowerguy4
      What is your Facebook page? Interested in your dump trailer.
    7. hhlandscape
      Can you shoot me an email at please?

      I don't mean to make you go out of your way, it's just that since I'm a new member I think there's a post requirement to PM you, and I don't want to go and make a bunch of useless posts. I've been reading your thread and have a bunch of questions for you regarding my own business.

      Thanks... RJ
    8. JeffH1
      Hey man, just read your thread about your company! Great story and would be interested in talking to you about your business and about the property you keep your equipment at as I am looking for a place like that. Email me at I'd love to talk more with you!
    9. afatone
      If you are still interested in the equipment you can call me at 937-441-8619 or e-mail at Best way because as you can see I don't check this that often. Thanks. I am in Sidney, OH
    10. MowingIL
      just recently started a lawn care buisness, not doing landscaping. was wondering if you had any tips and how you got started as far as promoting and what not. also did you go to school for this? you only do residentials?
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