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Nov 6, 2013
Jul 9, 2010
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Nov 6, 2013
    1. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      To all my friends here on lawnsite,
      I hope that 2013 brings everyone health, wealth and a safe new year. This winter the Denver metro-area has had very little snow, so I am looking forward to getting the mowing season started. Our last youngster is getting ready to graduate high-school and looking forward to going to college (he wants to become an Astro-Physicist). I have considered expanding my clientele base some but not sure I want to do that yet.
      I kind of wondered what all you guys and gals have in store for the New Year?
      I am hoping that buy the next mowing season it will be clear where our economy will be headed. There are so many issues that affect the way we are able to run things and I am less of a risk taker than most. I refuse to go in debt for any Biz. needs. So my goals are up in the air right now. I was just wondering what some of your thoughts are?
      Good luck, David of J@D Greens
    2. brown2greenlawns
      There are a few different sprayers that would work great for grass painting. Either a mounted skid sprayer and a min of 60psi would be just fine or a dolly sprayer with a min of 60psi as well. 60psi is different then a 60psi on a backpack sprayer (more pressure). The dolly works great because, not only can you keep it mounted to your truck and can remove it and take it with you, to those hard to reach areas. A fan tip seems to work the best when applying the product and a standard wand size at least 16inch long would be just fine.

      As far as the paint goes, visit (http://www.grasspatch.net) they have different sizes on their site and if you call them, they will give a great deal if you buy in bulk. Like I have mentioned in pervious post, I have been doing this for years and have gone through many different ones and the Grass Patch seems to hold up the best and has a great green color. You won't see it on their site, but there also carry mulch paint if needed.

      Also, you are going to want a shield to prevent oeverspray on bricks, concrete, etc.... My favorite is buying about a 4ft x 4ft insulation material at either Home Deport or Lowes. You can't miss it, it looks like tinfoil on both sides and about an inch think. You have to have them cut it down in size for you, as they come in larger sizes. What I like about this way of shielding, is it's not messy. KEEP IT GREEN!
    3. J & D Greens
      J & D Greens
      I don't know what people have against someone wanting to take care of thier family, hope you grow to just where you want to be. I just retired from a full-time job that didn't care if you could make it on what they paid us. (see my wife and I both worked full-time for a Kroger chain out here and with three kids one type-1 diabetic we were sinking) If it wasn't for working that job and starting my lawn care biz we would have gone under. This is my fourth season and I believe we will do OK. Hope that you save time for your family. It is so easy to tune them out when we have so many irons in the fire, (sorry). Hope to talk to you later, David of J&D Greens (Jan & David) wouldn't be able to do this with out her!!!!!!
    4. Lawn Pro's
      Lawn Pro's
      I work in galveston on the black and yellow helicopters at the airport. You mow full time or part time?
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