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Big Bad Bob
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Nov 18, 2015
Oct 13, 2006
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Big Bad Bob

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Nov 18, 2015
    1. Big Bad Bob
      Big Bad Bob
      This looks like an item that might be useful to a homeowner but unfortunately it would be quite useless to my business. The method of hand filling bags is just too slow and troublesome. Most of my cleanups, if using your item, would require that I empty my truck after every job. With mulching and collecting the leaves the way we do it works much better for us. We don't use tarps either. This may be a good item to market through Menards, Home Depot or Lowes but probably wouldn't be too attractive to established LCO's. Keep thinking and keep inventing. You will probably come up with something I can be excited about. Good luck. Thank you.
    2. slapon
      Big Bad Bob,

      I appreciate your supporting comments on the "Leaf Removal" thread. It is important to me that everyone is successful at their business. As you can see by my user status, I am a sponsor of the site. I have a product that is now being sold through WW Grainger that I invented because I believe it could add value to lawncare professionals. I would value your feedback regarding the product, either through a private message to me or posting on the thread that has been started, http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=386079. Thanks, Eric
    3. Michael J. Donovan
      Michael J. Donovan
    4. jay albers
      jay albers
      Thanxs alot for the input bbb. Im lookin for suggestions on how to be successful in this biz and thats what i got from you . again thanx!
      in it to win it
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