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Oct 8, 2012
Aug 26, 2009
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Clay City,indiana

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LawnSite Member, from Clay City,indiana

BigTymersLawnCare was last seen:
Oct 8, 2012
    1. Jimslawncareservice
      i sent you an email. if it did not go through send me one. jim
    2. Jimslawncareservice
      i didnt send it yet. i sent you one yesterday. i guess i would want a tank full of diesel. i will try to call tonight. i have to go get a pic of it. its at my storage which i will be moving all my stuff to my house since i have a big shed now to store things. if you did get my email you can email me back as i can check it on my phone. jimandbeth2@msn.com
    3. Jimslawncareservice
      there is no more than 10 hours on it. i sold the machine it came off of with 57 hours. i used to bag to accounts in the summer of 08 and used it a couple time in the fall of 08 then sold my xs. did you get the email? thats how i will send you a pic. meeting should be no problem. Jim
    4. Jimslawncareservice
      i think i paid 3500 for it. how does 1650 sound? when would you like to come pick it up. i can help with delivery for and extra fee. like i said i want this out of here. jim
    5. JDAustin
      did you receive the email with the picture of the trimmer rack?
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    Clay City,indiana
    Services Your Company Provides:
    • Lawn Mowing
    • Landscape Maintenance
    • Fertilization
    • Weed Control
    • Snow Removal & Ice Management
    a growing business that hopefully keeps growing for years to come

    archery, hunting, diesel trucks, baseball