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Mar 4, 2015
    1. bigw
      I dont use it no more you want to buy it?
    2. New-Bees Landscape
      New-Bees Landscape
      Hey BigW, i wanted to ask you where did you obtain the little ramp system you have attached to the back of your dump trailer. I think i saw it in one of your posts from a long time ago, like 2008. DId you purchase it locally, or is it available somewhere online. Thanks for your help.
    3. Ultra05
      Hi BigW. I couldnt reply to your email. I was asking how to pay myself or others I'm still messing with the bank to get my bank acct up and running. Just have cash in hand right now. Now I'm hard at work and no time to even figure this stuff out. Any help greatly appreciated or even a point in the right direction as far as web sites or I would even pay for a lawyer or accountant. Thanks. Ed Mucinski
    4. Ultra05
      Hello, Can you send me any info or thoughts on paying myself. I have to do it soon or go hungry but not sure how? Thanks in advance.
    5. BlackDog3
      I hear on the commericals, i was actually contacted by them. They thought i was bigger then i was because they saw my trucks, 82 K 30 all over the place. When i told them it was just me, they said they liked my hustle and i put bids in on stuff. I guess having the older truck gets me noticed. I am still waiting on one commercial for grass and plowing. But it will pick up, its got too!
    6. BlackDog3
      Hey man... things are gonzo crazy for me, I got a boat load of mulch, new contracts, grass, and fertilization going on. I didnt expect it. I also have a few design bid projects i am working on right now. I am just going crazy, worked this morning and will be working tomorrow at another commercial site. It will pick up more i am assuming eventually, that warm weather then rain really screwed with peoples minds. Also i am looking for a 48 Ferris Hyrdo mower... if you know anyone who is selling one let me know! Thanks man cya around!

    7. 1MajorTom
      in answer to your question, you can not post videos, that use profanity like that, with the F word in it.
    8. FPL
      hello this is franco from horsham, i just was reading posts about the "how do we compete with these prices!" and i must say i took to heart alot of what you said. I come from a family of landscapers and im only 23 but i was raised in this business and bred to do the best work, be honest with it and be courteous. Its rediculous some of the prices people charge but then again low prices most of the time means even lower quality. It seems as though people are forgetting the prestige and pride that comes with this business and im hoping life takes a turn back to "the way things used to be" when more people cared about their properties and what the money they were spending on mainting them is really worth! Thanks and hope to hear from ya soon.
    9. BlackDog3
      Hey man. I just got back on this Lawnsite thing and i figured i would hit you up. Its Chris from over in lansdale. I got a question for ya. I know you do fall clean ups, leaves etc. How do you go for pricing and advertising that service? Do you give your customers a per man hour rate or just give estimates? I am looking at getting a Ulta vac system for my lazer. Its gonna be the one with a 3 bin bagger. I figured that would drive my efficiently level up but i have to adjust the cost to compensate for this. Do you have any tips?


    10. newtostone
      Hey, I know you did a very successful direct mail run last year and wondering if you could pass on any tips you learned. This is my first year giving it a try and will say without a doubt I am green to mailers.
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