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    1. robertsturf
      Hey Buddy when you have time tomorrow I have a question for you. I was approached today by a competitor that wants to sell is application portion of the business. He says he does 1.5 mil sq ft, his gross per app is 18-20K does 6 apps. They are around our area and he only is asking 1.5-2K. No equipment just customers. Any thoughts besides the obvious? Price per lawn, no compete(he is supposedly moving to Tx)???
    2. robertsturf
      Fantastic. The only 2 complaints I have is the dumping portion is a little hard and I wish I had bought one sooner. Also there aren't any local dealers or rental places that carry them.
    3. TriCityLawnCareLLC
      Thanks. How many posts do i need?
    4. TriCityLawnCareLLC
      I am assuming your name is buddy. I am very impressed and inspired with your accomplishments. You have and operation that i dream of having. I have a few questions for you that i hope you don't mind answering. How old were you when you started? Did you know a lot about lawn maintenance(fertilizing etc.)? Did you have a lot of money when you started? I ask these questions because i do lawn care full-time myself, and i'm still in the building stages of my company to where i can turn a good profit. Hearing stories of others is inpiring and uplift to me. So if you wouldn't mind giving me your story, it would be one big act of charity,lol. Thanks a bunch.
    5. tstutz
      Who did created your logo for you? Also what did it cost? Feel free to email me @

      Thanks Buddy
    6. MowMan66
      I would like the newer one. Shipping would be best and I'm in no huge hurry. Phone # is 918-869-0909. I can pay by check, visa, or paypal.
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