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Jun 24, 2016
    1. brandoncuts54
      haha Thanks man and the only reason im selling it is because i need another rider its just to small for my properties so i think im either buying a cheetah or another turf tiger would u wanna come check it out? its got 195 hours on it now we've used it a bunch this year but thats nothing for these types of mowers. Let me know u can txt me 610 999 2618
    2. Shamrocklandscape
      P.S. You do very nice work!! I enjoy your pics!
    3. Shamrocklandscape
      Hi Brandon...I saw your selling you V-Ride. I may be very interested. I have a rapidly growing/side business with my bro in King of Prussia. We have two Scags (36/61wb) but really need a Zero or V ride for the size props we're currently doing. Can I ask why you're selling the V ride? Thanks for any info!
      Shamrock Landscape Services, LLC
    4. brandoncuts54
      04 Ford Ranger
      10 Ft open trailer
      04 Exmark Lazer Z
      05 Exmark Metro
      2 Redmax EBZ 7100
      2 Redmax BCZ 2100
      8 HP Little Wonder Blower
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