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Jan 19, 2014
    1. kgs1
      Hey Gabe, I sent pic's to your phone today hope you got them all, hows it going with your mower? wiring sucks I know...Let me know where your at with price on the 48" stated in my texts the 61" needs some work,probably around 300$ or so I would guess to get going good again.. I know your a ways away from me so I would come down a bit for you on the 48"..I can get 1500$ for it on a trade in so I could come down to that & i dont know if your interested in the 61" or not but let me know its got good hydros & spindles are good & its a smooth runner I just havent had time to put into safety stuf on this one though...have two nice velke's as well....let me know...Kris
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