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Brett's Lawn Care
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Aug 1, 2012
Mar 28, 2011
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Brett's Lawn Care

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Aug 1, 2012
    1. pwaltrip
      Hey, thanks for the input! As far as the Christmas lights go, I buy commercial grade 1000' spools of the strand and buy the bulbs by the cases of 1000. Don't buy boxed lights from the store for commercial work. They are fused and you can only run 3 strands together. NEVER install their lights, because they are junk and they want you to fix them when they mess up and they will, also from a liability perspective as well. Keep the lights, tell them that its like a rental, charge more the first year (to cover materials) then just charge labor after that, it will also be quicker after you have done it once. Never let them keep your lights, because if they fire you, just chop their "custom fit" strand up and re use it on another job, as long as its still good. To attach the strand to the house I use a plastic clip (I prefer Omni brand all-in-one clips) just clip the clip to the light socket and then clip it on to the gutter or shingle. When your roofline stops, jumps up I just cut the strand, splice in blank 18 gauge lamp wire for the gap that you don't want lights on and then splice the strand back in when it picks back up again. As far as pricing goes...I just shoot for the moon and usually get it...I don't charge by the linear foot, but it averages about 2.25 a linear foot installed. My prices are for install/removal and all maintenance issues. I usually get about $300/ house. i do a few for 1200+ Thats just for the front roofline. Every house is differnt and they usually want trees/shrubs/walkways...etc. I did 64 homes last season, in 11 days with 1 helper. Lots of competition here in Dallas, but like everything else my rep keeps business coming in. Do good work, discounts for the seniors, refferal discounts, and an start advertising the week of Halloween. I'm sure I left out a bunch, i am in the process of putting together a more in-depth "guide" on this because I want to help other people out. I'll get a list of my suppliers together too. Because if your not buying this stuff in bulk, then you can forget about making money!
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