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Bunton Guy
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Jul 16, 2016
Sep 5, 2001
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charlotte nc

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Bunton Guy

LawnSite Bronze Member, from charlotte nc

Bunton Guy was last seen:
Jul 16, 2016
    1. Cooks Lawn Care
      Cooks Lawn Care
      Can you please contact me? 7049852227 Thanks!
    2. chiefwilson
      Please also send pictures to 864-634-4720. I am interested as well. Thanks.
    3. corey4671
      with the text marketing, I'm gaining mostly weekly mowing accounts however I will use it this fall to promote aeration, seeding and leaf removal
    4. catri360
      could you send pics of the hs80 for sale to catri360@hotmail.com ??thanks
    5. KH29
      The name would indicate that you're the guy to ask....
      I'm riding a 2004 Hustler Mini Z 52" with a 19 HP Kawasaki.
      Been a good machine, but the wheel motor went out today....it's cost me 7 or $800 a year the last couple or 3 years, so I got to thinkin.....
      The dealer has a new Bunton-same size deck & motor he's wanting to trade me.
      Gonna cost me $4500 out of pocket with the Mini Z trade.
      5 year, 500 hour warranty.
      Any thoughts on the deal itself & Bunton's versus Hustlers in general??
      Was also wondering if you know any figures on blade tip speed on the 2, they tell me that's all that really matters
    6. gsxr_z400
      Will you please send pictures of the 2004 Bobcat mower that you have for sale to miller_mrx1@yahoo.com?
      I am in Charlotte and may be interested.
      1. Paw Creek Lawn Care likes this.
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