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    1. teamgreendude
    2. teamgreendude
      the h2b program allows mexicans to come across the border and work for lawn companies, and in exchange they get food, housing, money, etc.
    3. teamgreendude
      Companies like yours make it look so easy !, I've also considered the h2b program to maybe ?
    4. teamgreendude
      I'd just do commercials with a dually, and I'm also trying to find a guy to hire to help me:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: it's so hard to find anyone at all.
    5. teamgreendude
      have you thought about plowing in your dually ?, I may also be getting a new redmax handheld blower to.
    6. teamgreendude
      I have not touched anything on the motor, just had to get a trailer wire connecter for it, also why do you have a dually ? It would be asome to have a nice boss on the front of it. So far at 17 I'm coming along nicely, planning the purchase of a bigger enclosed trailer and another wright stander to. Will you be adding anymore stuff for you company(trucks, mowers, plows, etc)
    7. teamgreendude
      My duramax is an 05' maroon ext cab with a nice deezee brush guard on the front, just need to figure out what plow I'm gonna put on it. Either a western 8.5 mvp or a boss 8.2 vxt. Also did you start mowing when your were young ?
    8. teamgreendude
      hey carguyrob do you have any pic's of your stuff, I'm 17 and just bought my first duramax and was wondering if your 3500hd was an srw or drw.
      James Rosa
    9. carguyrob
      thanks for the link brandon. I have found a few locally that I am going to check out first. The new one sounds good if I can work a deal on it, it's just that killer drive out there. Thanks! Rob
    10. motoxr34
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    01 Chevy 2500HD w/Meyer Plow
    13 Chevy 3500 SRW Diesel
    7x20 Open Landscape Trailer
    5x10 Open Landscape Trailer
    07 Scag Wildcat 61"
    14 Scag Tiger Cat 52"
    14 Scag Vride 36"
    07 Scag Z-Cat 36"
    03 Scag SWZ 48"
    00 Scag SW 32"
    Redmax and Echo Trimmers and Blowers