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Jul 19, 2016 at 7:49 AM
Mar 9, 2012
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Staunton VA

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LawnSite Bronze Member, from Staunton VA

caseysmowing was last seen:
Jul 19, 2016 at 7:49 AM
    1. caseysmowing
      I got my insert used with the leaf box for 1500. So yes it's worth it. They are not that hard to find used so I would go that route first. With the loader I have they don't make a swingaway hitch mount so I had to remove it every time I dumped. I did do this by myself but I don't recommend it. Even having my big dump and being solo PT I have no plans of getting rid of the insert. I'm always looking for a 1 ton SRW 4X4 but haven't found anything yet. There are lots of times where my big dump is just too big for some jobs and I can't get it where I need it. They are low maint and hold their value pretty well if taken care of. I know 94gt only uses dump inserts in all his trucks and just got a dump trailer I believe. I'm still looking for a dump for you. I just saw a insert for cheap the other day. Long bed or short bed?
    2. Smith Lawn & Landscaping
      Smith Lawn & Landscaping
      Question on dump insert for truck, was it worth it? thinking about adding one to my 2500 chevy but not sure if its worth the 3500 price tag. did it help at all for cleanups or was it more of a pain did you have to take off the loader each time you dumped ?

      thanks brandon

      P.s. still looking for that right dump truck haha
    3. Dr. Pepper
      Dr. Pepper
    4. Dr. Pepper
      Dr. Pepper
      Hey. I would really like to take that 52 inch stander off your hands for the price you asked
    5. Swan Creek
      Swan Creek
      I saw your post of the box truck you have. I was looking for a set of ramps like you installed on that truck. Are they custom or did you pick them up from someone?
    6. ilike2mow
      I was looking through the forums and saw a post by you. You have some really nice equipment. I saw your location was Staunton Virginia. My grandpa and grandma have a 20 acre hobby farm in Crimora Virginia! We go through Staunton all the time while we are at the farm. I have driven by one of your yards I think lol.
    7. MasScape

      Thanks for the message. I just leaving now to go pick up a 48" exmark I just got a good deal on. I really need an smaller enclosed trailer. Like 6'x12 single axle. If you see any good deal please don't be shy about telling me haha. I already in last week or two miss like 5 good deals that people beat me too. O well. Nice to meet someone close by.
    8. CozyHollow
      You're welcome bro! You'll do awesome, no doubt! 4 accounts already? LOL!!! That's NUTS! Good job my man!

      I landed 1 account so far and it's a bi-weekly cut and did it yesterday. After I finished the neighbor across the street asked for an estimate for a bi-weekly cut as well. Landed that one also so that makes 2. I have 2 estimates to do today as well. 1 for a spring clean out, cut and mulch (small mulch job) and the other for a spring clean out/weed beds and mulch...this mulch job is HUGE. Anyway, sometimes I get a little impatient but I get myself thru with prayer and positivity. Just forcing myself to stay positive is a job in and of itself, lol!

      Good luck to you as well bro! :-)
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    Staunton VA
    Services Your Company Provides:
    • Lawn Mowing
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    Cheetah 61in 34hp Fifth year Part time
    Vride 48in 24hp
    Vride 61in 25.5hp
    Trac vac leaf loader 16hp
    Billygoat 35hp leaf loader
    Billygoat 1302sp blower
    Stihl handhelds/322l & 580BTs husky
    2003 GMC C4500 14ft dump
    1998 Chevy 1500 Z71 with 8ft EZ dumper
    2003 GMC W3500 18ft box cabover