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Nov 21, 2014
May 10, 2007
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Aug 7, 1974 (Age: 41)
Winder, GA

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LawnSite Fanatic, 41, from Winder, GA

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Nov 21, 2014
    1. jbrown83
      when is a good time to sand? In the spring I plan to scalp, thatch and aerate. Do I sand once the Bermuda starts to grow or after aerating?

    2. tlteel
      I was going through some bermuda grass threads and found where you have a program for warm season grass by lebanon. I live in Oklahoma and have common bermuda grass. I started last year with a weed infested lawn. I have used fall prodiamine and a spring prodiamine. I have applied lime twice to increase by ph from 5.6. I scalped a couple of weeks ago to help level high spots from moles and gophers and sanded in ruts. I have all my weeds controlled currently and have a nice start but I am still being pt on the grass filling in the bare spots from scalping. I am using growth products 30-0-0 80% srn and chelated iron humic acid and microrhyzia. Its an all liquid program but I would like to see what program you are using and possibly switching to granular. I do use a rotary mower and do not have irrigation my email is tlee0209@yahoo.com
    3. Jason Simmons
      Jason Simmons
      hey i saw where u posted 7yrs ago about your toro t2 with a tru trac , do u still have it and how has it been holding up. Thinking about buying one next year
    4. CO Aerating
      CO Aerating
      cgaengineer, I saw a post from you from like 5 years ago but you said you knew a place that sold aerators for $600-$650 and obviously that price has inflated since then but just curious if I could get the contact info or location from you. Thanks!
    5. LantanaBob
      Hey, you knew me by another name here and another forum. you didn't get the best reception at the other place and I'm sorry. PM me when you have a minute to catch up. Kerry
    6. shannonblocker
      if u have advise its greatly appreciated i would leave my cell number to text but not sure if its allowed
    7. densonlandscapes
      hey fellow ga boy here want to ask some questions about the c-27 Tru Cut
    8. WoodRiverTroutBum
      Haha, I LOVE your avatar! Hope you enjoyed your skittles Treyvon!
    9. Tim_in_NC
      Hey ... Did you ever figure out how to make or get a Shorter Kombi Shaft for the Adjustable Hedge Trimmer? I'm looking to do the same.
    10. caseysmowing
      wanted to know how the mulch kit on your 48 vride does. Thought about getting one i don't like blowing grass everywhere. Does it still have enough power ? I cut fescue and wondering how much gets stuck on the deck.
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    Aug 7, 1974 (Age: 41)
    Winder, GA
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    • Lawn Mowing
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    • Weed Control
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