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    1. Martino
      Hi Charles........good to go. Thanks for your help!
    2. Kawizx62003
      Hello Charles, please check your PM.
    3. Richard Martin
      Richard Martin
      Hey Charles, Is there anywhere that I can make a post asking that if people have a problem with me, they can just ask me to my face, here at Lawnsite, rather than make videos about me and posting them on Youtube? I apparently have quite a few people that are rather unhappy with my posts here on Lawnsite and they have been making videos about me. I've apparently also been going to these person's houses and messing with their equipment, breaking their windows out and threatening them.

      All I've tried to do here at Lawnsite is help my peers, advance professionalism in the industry, keep costs down for myself and my peers, and make sure that American equipment manufacturers get all of the help that I can provide.

      Apparently others see my posts as being something else.
    4. gl1200a

      This is the type of activity that stopped Power Chute Design from advertising on your website to begin with. Not only do you have someone (Gravelyman50) that can keep a thread on top thru threats, but you also let a 'BumpMaster' continue to keep it on top for no given reason as well.
    5. Pro Lawn Landscaping
      Pro Lawn Landscaping
      I know that. Same thread posted there. Assumed many lawn and landscaping companies are in my same position and are more likely viewing Lawnsite right now since it is summer time.
    6. Tn Turf
      Tn Turf
      Hey Charles, why was my thread removed and how do I get it back?
    7. S&S Lawn & Landscape  llc
      S&S Lawn & Landscape llc
      S&S Lawn & Landscape, llc

      thank you for your help
    8. S&S Lawn & Landscape  llc
      S&S Lawn & Landscape llc
      How can I can my screen name?

    9. Roger
      Charles, can you delete a duplicate thread I just posted, please? As the author, I apparently do not have privileges of deleting my own thread. Commercial & Residential Lawn Mowing Equipment. I posted the first one, unaware I had entered 26, and not 36 in the title. This mower width is key for the the thread. The wrong thread is 417710. I did a C & P on the body of the message, so that part is identical. The Title is contains one wrong character, but a very important one. Thanks.
    10. xclusiveTN
      I would like to delete my thread irrigation design. I thought I blocked out the company name and my info bu it is still showing up. Thanks
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