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Feb 16, 2010
Feb 15, 2009
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cisco, tx.

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Feb 16, 2010
    1. txgrassguy
      Don't over look the 34" ztr if you MUST have a sit down rider. Otherwise I'd suggest the 1948 FX stander. 19 horsepower with a 48" floating deck. Might be a bit high for your price range though.
      Regarding the 34Z verse the larger units remember the smaller deck will support an Accelerator type bagging attachment for fall clean ups and bagging. Don't fall victim to a larger deck equaling a more productive machine.
      The type of grass you are mowing plus the size of the lots actually means a more narrow deck will actually allow you to "define" the yard better than a wider deck. Plus the more narrow deck will fit through smaller gates, often with the bag attached where the wider deck will not. As a final note, if possible stay away from the residential units or units with only one hydraulic pump with a smaller reservoir. Ideally on a commercial unit you want two wheel motors driven independently configured with a larger tank and pump combination as this equates to more mowing torque, more consistent blade speed and the tank being larger means the unit runs cooler = longer life. Also, if things turn bad economically speaking you will get much more money for a well maintained used commercial unit than a residential one. Blades on a true commercial unit are heavier, last longer and the deck is much more rugged for those "aw ****" curb/stone/side of the trailer inevitable collisions.
      aside from everything else, it isn't the commercial machine you obtain - it is the dealer support. Go with the dealer and machine that will provide you with the best service. Down time means lost revenue for you AND the dealer so try to work out a "loaner" arrangement with your supporting dealer so if your primary machine is in the shop for service you have access, at no cost, to a similar machine. Lastly, for smaller turf sites, the 34" z will easily out perform a 36" walk behind but I would heartily suggest you have a older, well maintained 36" walk behind as a back up unit. Appearance of cut will be the same plus the same bag for the 34Z should fit the 36" walk behind as well.
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