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Mar 4, 2016
Feb 1, 2008
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LawnSite Senior Member, from Wisconsin

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Mar 4, 2016
    1. CLS LLC
      CLS LLC
      I am both a mowing and fert guy.

      My enclosed is all set up for mowing. I have a small open 7x12 trailer similar to your old set up for fert with a nurse tank in the back of the truck.

      I built a recroom in my basement last winter and used baseboard heaters. I think they would be perfect (and cheap) for what you're looking to do.
    2. Falcon50EX
      Go idea about the heater
      How have u set up the inside of your trailer?
      Are u a fert guy or mowing
    3. KKG
      My name is Karen Kell, Owner of Escape Plan, located in Indianapolis, Indiana and I too am fighting with AT&T regarding the Pay Per call for a balance accumulated last year, now turned over to a collection Agency. They were far beyond the possible revenue generating calls, and I refuse to pay.

      I figured there had to be others, so I went searching on the internet, and lo and behold I found the LawnSite site and all of the email addresses that responded to a post from Grassyfras, and have been contacting everyone. At the same time I set up a Google search to notify me of any new posts regarding this issue….again….I found someone in LA who hired an attorney, who is filing a Class Action Lawsuit. I sent the Attorney and email and he we spoke that same day. So, I'm notifying each of you hoping that you will help us by sending him the information from your dealings so we can go to court and make AT&T stand behind what their sales people sold us…by letting us free from this debt.

      I've listed his information below, please feel free to contact him if you have additional questions or just want to know more about the case. He will not have your information, and by California law, cannot contact you, so you must contact him if you would like to be a part of this Lawsuit. I sure hope you will.

      You will not have to pay any monies out of pocket for attorney fees. Regardless of who wins the case.
      He will also be looking for any individual who is articulate and can tell their story in a very succinct manner to testify…this will be later down the road, but something to think about.

      Daniel T. LeBel
      601 Van Ness Ave., Ste. 2080
      San Francisco, CA 94102
      Phone: (415) 513-1414
      Fax: (877) 563-7848

      Write out as much detail about your situation.
      Copy of the contract.
      Any calls/numbers you documented.
      What happened with your situation, what you were told and how did it change.
      How much do you owe.
      Any records of phone numbers from calls that you know were not revenue generating: wrong number, solicitation, job inquiries, etc

      Can you please email from your email to mine below, versus this site, it's just easier.
      And please feel free to contact me if you have questions you think I might be able to answer too.

      Thank you in advance for your time!

      Karen Kell
      Escape Plan: Assault Prevention Training
      317-445-4235 cell

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