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Spring is starting to hit a rhythm. Gotta love it. May 11, 2016

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    1. Crammin'Mows
      Spring is starting to hit a rhythm. Gotta love it.
    2. Crammin'Mows
      To be honest, there is a lot more I have to learn as far as organics are concerned, such as the compost tea for example.

      That said, I have been doing a fully organic fertilizer schedule for 10 years now, and it works very well. It is not cheap. I use feather meal, but things like bone meal, blood meal, alfalfa meal, fish meal, fish bone meal, and corn gluten meal are also options. Notice they are all meals made from either plant or animal sources. The challenge is finding a supplier that carries organic turf fertilizer in bulk. I buy it by the pallet, and it comes in 40# sacks. I am doing roughly 50,000 # a year.
    3. dano99
      Crammin'Mows, after reading a lot of your posts looks like you have this organic thing pretty wired. Can you let me know the products you have had success with. With spring breaking I am looking to start an organic program first on my home. Thanks for any info.
      1. Crammin'Mows
        Any luck with the organic thing?
        May 11, 2016
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