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Sep 21, 2015
Jan 24, 2013
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cincinnati, oh

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LawnSite Silver Member, from cincinnati, oh

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Sep 21, 2015
    1. Goderich Landscaping
      Goderich Landscaping
      How are you today. I was reading a post you made a comment on that you had stopped doing landscaping jobs awhile ago so I take it you do lawn maintenance only? I am currently doing both and the post you replied on was exactly me lol. Just wondering if I could chat about your move and fill me in on were you were when you made it?
    2. Goderich Landscaping
      Goderich Landscaping
      Good Day I am new to this site and just reading thread on who is solo. You had mentioned that you cut by yourself? I currently employ 6 guys and do landscaping and lawn care thinking of dropping the landscaping. Would you recommend this or do you find by yourself you loose alot of stuff?
    3. CJN90
      Oh, I also have been to the property. This is a estimate NOT A BID
    4. CJN90
      Thank you very much for being considerate and possibly helping me out. Anyway, lets get to it. Here is my equipment list. By the way. This job I will be quoting is only for the 6500-7000 linear feet of edging, and a spring clean up area that covers about 1000 yards of mulch at 2" thick. ( MULCH isn't included in this qoute)

      I own a 2014 Chevy Silverado
      1- 16ft trailer
      1- Dump trailer that holds roughly 5-7 Cubic Yards of debris
      1- Bobcat
      2- roughly 8 foot trailers (used for my snowmobiles & ATVs)

      2- Rented Bed Edgers
      My Uncles have an excavating company therefore I can get my hands on other skidsters bob cats etc, for CHEAP

      I'll have roughly 5 crew members working. but like I said this isnt a job thats all being done at once. It will be split into 5 different Phases.

      There is an On-Site Compost Dump

      Thank You very much.

    5. mannlawn
      is it not your mower? give me a call so we can talk 812 343 3274 asap I am going to look at a mower tomorrow I would rather do some trading if possible rather than buy one out right
    6. mannlawn
      if you want you can call me @ 812 343 3274 if you are interested in doing some trading I have a couple other mowers I am looking at so let me know asap if we could do some trading might be a good deal for both of us
    7. mannlawn
      yes I still have it what is your turf tracer engine deck size hours
    8. DJMLawns
      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, what info were you interested in
    9. 205mx
      Hey there.

      I have a Brand new 90c stick edger. It's pretty tough. Used maybe 6 times. Purchased back in October.

      I think I paid around 425?

      275 would take it.

      How do u like the Komi? Thinking of getting one myself
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    cincinnati, oh
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    14' landscape trailer
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    21'' Personal Pace
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