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May 1, 2016
    1. wegomow
      part 2 continued.....The Mathematical part of the test where a calculator was needed were just a few questions but it's best to know all the material.
      It was hard for me I scored an 85 and studied hard. I got the books months in advance like you and studied all the material. Then again I'm not the greatest at studying. Some of the questions are tricky and I would have to read them over more than once to get it. Hard questions I couldn't answer I left and went back to after reading ahead hoping that one of the other questions would jog my memory. I felt that helped.
    2. wegomow
      Part 1 It was worth it, I like the added income for charging for applications. Every little bit helps. I use the fert. and squirt to help sell my year long plans. As far as putting the knowledge to use the Turfgrass and Ornamentals book was full of material any lawn guy should know. It is a great reference book I have consulted more than once.
      The second book Applying Pesticides Correctly, I felt it was more for farmers and golf course grounds keepers. Most of that knowledge I won't use but the sate wants to make sure you know all the hazards and warnings about pesticides. I use the lawn products right from Lowe's for my small operation and never have to mix chemicals.
    3. Nate'sLawnCare
      I got a 92 and 93 on the exams after taking the 2-day class in Raleigh. I had also read through the books once prior to the class. Just take your time on the exams, some of the questions are kinda tricky.
    4. wegomow
      Yes I did!
    5. cutman2000
      I bought the books(2). Hoping to take the test b4 May sometime, in time to do some post emergent maybe
    6. wildstarblazer
      Yes, I took the test. Two reasons it was hard for me. I didn't purchase the study material and the questions were worded to trick you. If I had studied the books, I think it would have been quite easy. You have to read the questions carefully even if you think you know the answer cause some of the answers were worded in a way that made it look like there could be multiple correct answers. Hate when they do that. Still don't have my results yet.
    7. grass-scapes
      15 percent self employment tax for one. separate entity is a plus. I would talk with your accountant.
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