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LawnSite Bronze Member, from Central Illinois

Cuttinitclose was last seen:
Dec 2, 2010
    1. Kennedy Landscaping
      Kennedy Landscaping
      Wow they closed your thread too. I pmd a mod about closing mine and they said it was too off topic. Sounds to me like they need to find something better to do. There are countless threads on here that are WAY more off topic than ours are. Wow....
    2. Cuttinitclose
      Alright were expecting 2-3" tomorrow night according to WQAD.
    3. nicholsmowingservice
      hows the weather down in Toulon tonight?
    4. nicholsmowingservice
      cuttinitclose i posted on ur page but u dont reply?
    5. deerewashed
      you you got aim if so gim me yours we could chat.
    6. DSLND
      Holy smokes! I didn't realize you were from Central Illinois... where abouts are you located? We could meet up someday and have lunch if you would like.

    7. DSLND
      Will do. Keep your eyes on Craigslist and ebay. I almost bought a gently used one off ebay, and I continue to find great deals on everything on craigslist.

      Take care.

    8. DSLND
      Expecting? About 35-40. I will most likely end up with about 50-55. I really have to try to keep mowing accounts at a reasonable number to fit in time for other services.

    9. DSLND
      I get all my STIHL from Wieland's Lawn Mower Hospital here in Pekin. There are plenty more STIHL dealers around, but Wielands treats me well.

      Love the hedge trimmer. I love all my stihl stuff. Im going to be adding a KM 110 this year.

      I get my license in a few weeks, maybe we could meet up somewhere and have lunch.

      Feel free to call me if you ever want to tal biz.

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    January 28
    Central Illinois
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    Foffel's Lawn Maintenance
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    John Deere Z810A 54"/22
    Stihl FS 90R, KM 90R, BG86, BR600, MS 211, HSE 60
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