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Mar 15, 2016
    1. AAA Services
      AAA Services
      pm me i will tell you where i get my salt in Grand Rapids...
      I usually buy 2 truckloads... good prices
    2. Raymond S.
      Raymond S.
      I'd take $1500 for the Billy Goat if you would rather do a direct sale. Give me a call if you would like.
    3. Raymond S.
      Raymond S.
      I can get some pictures if you want. I'm asking $3500. It's in excellent condition w/ 160hrs and comes with powerchute. Excellent cut, plenty of power. Call me if you'd like to discuss it. 574-250-7281
    4. P.Services
      yeah i will soon. if you find the "picasso services equipment photos" i have a few pics of it in their somewhere.
    5. M and S Lawn Care
      M and S Lawn Care
      give me a call at 248 756 7201 or send me an email to mike@lawnprooutdoor.com. I can get some up-close pics for you of the various parts, and it'll be easier to describe on the phone rather than type it all out. It was fairly easy to make, I'll be glad to give dimensions, etc also.
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