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Darryl G
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Jul 9, 2016
May 31, 2001
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Darryl G

LawnSite Fanatic

Darryl G was last seen:
Jul 9, 2016
    1. mikkinosweat
      Hello, Long time hey? Hope all is well! I am still alive but its been a trip. Hope to chat soon. Mikki
    2. Darryl G
      Darryl G
      Statesman: I guess you can't do private messages yet so just give me your email address and I'll send you a copy. I have it as a MS Word document.
    3. Statesman101
      I was reading your thread on the extra $20 cleanup. Sound pretty crazy. I have a few of my clients that if something happens, I take care of it and send in the bill. So far, no one has complained about the invoices.

      I'm needing to put a Service Agreement together and was wondering if you would mind sharing your Terms and Services Agreement. Over this past summer, I've been thinking hard about the need for having boundaries set in advance.

      Thanks for any help!
    4. FoghornLeghorn
    5. mikkinosweat
      Hey There, So how was your winter? I'm def ready for the summer. Just thought I'd stop in and say hey. Take care, hugs from me and the girls. lol
    6. Brad Ent
      Brad Ent
      What county do you service??
    7. Darryl G
      Darryl G
      Sorry, nope.
    8. Z-master man
      Z-master man
      Did you ever follow through with that deal on the exmark? Were you pay ebay and ebay holds your money until you inspect it etc?
    9. 2brothersyardcare
      you still looking for a blower?
    10. Darryl G
      Darryl G
      What's that supposed to mean? Sounds to me like you're looking for trouble...if you are you're messing with the wrong guy!
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