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    1. dodgegrass
      I have found that if you stick with your price they will keep you. They like to drag you around a lot but in the end it is the person that has the insurance. $4.00 dollar gas will keep a lot of people away. They do try to do a price drop with volume (100 plus properties) but just stick to your guns and you will be ok
    2. asrnls04
      I Belive her name is Ronnie. I really dont care for her. I liked Jessica she was are rep before. They told us they did a valuation for are area and change the rate from 35 a lawn to 30 and also dropped are bags of leaves from 3 to 2. They told us if we couldnt do it for that they would try to find someone in are area that could and if not they would consider keeping it at 35. I dont know with the gas prices jumping they have us running over a hour and a half away. Any pointers this is are second year with them. We also do snow removal. We are a construction company that wanted to clean and fix the house. But now I guess we are in the lawn care business. Just started with mirror lawn for one property (target). If you feel you have any pointers to help us that would be great. We are located in New Ulm
    3. AdamChrap
      Posted this in the wrong place
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