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Oct 25, 2015
Nov 27, 2010
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Oct 25, 2015
    1. Dr.NewEarth
      Ha. I don't normally answer outside of the forums.
      I accept all major credit cards.LOL
      Go to any wholesaler. Prove you're a landscaper... access stock and services. Find one close to wherever you are. Try this list www.bclna.com
      Alot of retailers give discounts to account holders, so sign up
      Dolopril lime? Two schools of thought. It releases a mild form of acid and can effect soil. If you aren't doing a heavy organic program it'll work.
      We can only access phenoxyacetic compounds other than MCPA here.
      Look for some-thing with "2-4,D and Mecoprop."
      Example "Killex"
      A wholesaler for fertilizers, pesticides, beneficial insects, tools... EVERGRO 604-940-0290. You need a pesticide license there.
      Please read all directions
      I hope I passed the audition. Peace.

      Dr New Earth CLT/RLT/ISA/ITA/IPM-PHC, WCB Certified
    2. LandscapeVancouver
      Seems like your the guy to talk to on this forum that lives in Vancouver. A few questions...what's a good nursery in the lower mainland with the cheapest (quality ofcourse) plants? I've got 2 homes I have to completely landscape and have the OK to pick and choose how I desire. I mainly do native species gardens. One other thing...Dolopril fertilizer? Yay or nay? I've used it for the past few and it seems great. Another question...been using MCPA Amine-500 weed spray and lawn spray. What landscape supply centers do you use to purchase these?
    3. Dr.NewEarth
      Bag the Poa annua when it goes to seed. It will spread. It also looks splotchy and requires more nitrogen and more often to try to keep it the same shade as the rest of the grass.

      It comes from alot of the turf farms and can also be found in some lesser quality seed mixes. It can also be spread on mowing equipment, as can diseases.

      Fine fescue for acidic and shady areas.
    4. bradtf
      Awesome, thanks a bunch! All good info. And the Poa annua-annual blue grass is something I couldn't identify until now. As like you said its growing right now and I wasn't sure what it was.

      I have been looking at that homedepot mix, but was skeptical, thinking that I was better off buying from a nursery or supplier, just assuming the homedepot stuff was the cheap stuff. But it does seem to have a large mix, creeping red fescue, perenial ryegrass, annual ryegrass and kentuckybluegrass. Its $2.54 a pound.

      again, thanks.
    5. Dr.NewEarth
      Always buy quality "Canada Grade One" grass seed. For reference and so people remember this, I tell them to buy their seed like they buy their eggs ie: Grade A. That helps them.

      I don't know what your experience or education level is. It sounds like you are a smaller operation. (I downsized because of the recession and am on an acre in Pitt Meadows with a PoCo business address)

      Your best bet would be to go to the Home Depot and get a contractors mix. A big bag is about 50 dollars. It can be a shade mix, a sun mix or a combination mix. It usually has 10% Kentucky blue grass and then a Fescue of some sort and maybe a rye or some-thing else. You need to know what each family will do in your microclimates.

      Look for the Grade One information. As a rule of thumb, the cheap stuff has weed seeds in it. Or it has Poa annua-annual blue grass (the white seed heads that are growing now and in the late summer too). Canadian Tire normally has cheap stuff that we don't use.

      Normally, a grass mix will have a minimum of three families of grass seed in it. This goes for turf farms too. This is so that we don't have a mono-culture. In our grass seed mix, if one family of grass gets a disease or dies out for whatever reason, in theory the other two can take over.

      If you want larger suppliers I use Evergro 604-940-0290 (beneficial insects and lots of commercial supplies) or the Landscape Centre in Coquitlam off of Hwy 1@ United Boulevard (near the big Home Depot). They are both on line.

      Usually when I'm in the HD, I end up answering their customers questions.

      Understanding grass and seed is a science, but it isn't hard to find the information and learn more.

      I hope this helps.

      www.drnewearth.com and www.terranovalandscapingservices.ca
    6. bradtf
      Hi, wondering if you would share where you buy your grass seed from? I operate in langley/surrey and I'm finding it hard to find a place who will deal with a small contractor and also knows what they are talking about and has a good product.
    7. Dr.NewEarth
      Sorry, I've been doing other things here. :canadaflag:

      From experience, I would advertise for clients and line up the work first.
      Is one day of rental 24 hours or 8?

      You can probably do one aeration:canadaflag: an hour if you have a tight route. But you also have to hose the thing off before you return it.

      I own an aerator. I use it only a few days a year. With all of our clients it paid for itself. My demographic has mostly been strata complexes and it was nice to have it on site with a crew and not have to return it while we did lawns, gardens and hedges all day.

      I started out renting for the first couple of years.:canadaflag:
    8. Cartapo
      Just checked rental prices, to rent a 20" aerator is $80/daily! This is making me want to purchase one. Do you recommend I try to get clients first?
    9. Cartapo
      Is there any specific reason for the mower with the bag and transmission? I'll assume they're more ideal for commercial use?
    10. Cartapo
      Great advice, I couldn't appreciate it more.
      I'll definately look for a mower because I understand aeration is only seasonal, I'm hoping to attract customers based on the fact that I'm local and people usually like helping the underdog.
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