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Feb 16, 2013
    1. OneFourSeven

      I'm Chris and I'm a software developer from Darien. I'm thinking about developing an application for lawn service businesses this summer. I'm not trying to sell you a product or service of mine, I'm just looking for some advice on the industry right now.

      What are the top three problems you are facing today that you'd LOVE someone else to solve? Perhaps your customers aren't paying you on time, scheduling your services is stressful, or it could be that you hate making invoices for your customers. Whatever it is, I'd love to hear about it.


      Christopher Bui
    2. Hope Landscaping
      Hope Landscaping
      I just wanted to introduce myself since we are in North Texas, I'm still growing my business and am looking to make connections further along than myself. Happy New Year!
      Aaron Hope
      Aaron Hope
    3. jvanvliet
      Sorry to see you are leaving
    4. Duekster
      I use up to 9 steps. The basics are pre em, grassy weed, broad leaf, and then getting down the required fert as needed in .5# each app
    5. Alf1096
      I am looking at develpoing a six step program I am wondering how many steps you use and what they are thanks
    6. Duekster
      Depends on the size of the Yard. If a typical yard is about 3 to 5K of turf I get about 6 yards a tank full. I use a 2 GPM gun.

      I have gone to on some yards not adding post emergents to the mix as the weeds ar enow few. I use a hand held for that. Smaller tanks gives me more options for custom mixes depending on where the yard is on the program.

      I use a hoist to lift the tank in and out of the truck. I can take the tank of the sprayer easy too. The big cost is the hose. I really need about 200 feet of hose. I had a 200 gallon unit with 300 feet of hose on my last rig.
    7. Alf1096
      How many yards do you get out of a 50 gal tank.
    8. Alf1096
      Sorry it took so long to get back work has been crazy. I am going to class on aug 15 to get certified. Looking at a 200 gal skid sprayer. What size do you recommend? I am looking for suggestions on a good spray schedule and what you use to spray. Also any recommendations on how to get new business would be great I plan on doing door hangers and phone book ads. Any good books or classes would also be of help.

    9. Alf1096
      Hello I am a police officer looking to start a wedding and fertilizer application business in Wichita Falls. I am looking for any advice and what chemicals work good in this area. I would love to come ride around with you and pick your brain for the day. Any help is greatly appriceated. Email is alf1096@gamil.com
    10. OldMan56
      I used to live in Frisco. Was that hail storm as bad as they indicated on TV?
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